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Artist-Inspired TouchDesigner Tutorial Highlights

In February 2022, the Interactive & Immersive HQ published its first artist-inspired TouchDesigner tutorial, Generative Kandinsky in TouchDesigner. In this blog, we will highlight some of the most-watched videos from the series and the artist on which the tutorial is based.

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Generative Kandinsky in TouchDesigner – Tutorial by Crystal

Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944) was a Russian artist known for his abstract paintings. He believed art should show feelings and ideas instead of just copying the real world. His work changed from painting natural scenes to using bright colors and shapes to express emotions. Kandinsky influenced modern art and greatly impacted how artists think about colors and shapes.

Artist-Inspired TouchDesigner Tutorial Highlights
Composition 8

Ben Laposky’s Oscilloscope Art in TouchDesigner – Tutorial by Jack

Ben Laposky (1914-2000) was an American mathematician and artist who made some of the first digital art in the 1950s. He called his art “Oscillons” or “Electronic Abstractions.” Laposky used machines called oscilloscopes to create extraordinary patterns with electronic waves and then took photos of them. His work mixed math, technology, and art and helped start the idea of digital art.

Artist-Inspired TouchDesigner Tutorial Highlights

Vera Molnar Style Instancing in TouchDesigner – Tutorial by Crystal

Vera Molnar (born 1924) is a Hungarian-born artist known for pioneering digital artwork. She started experimenting with computers in the 1960s, using them to create abstract geometric patterns and compositions. Molnar’s art is about playing with shapes, lines, and colors, often using algorithms and programming to explore repetition and variation. She’s a big deal in computer art and has inspired many other artists to mix art with technology.

Artist-Inspired TouchDesigner Tutorial Highlights

Generative Bridget Riley in TouchDesigner – Tutorial by Crystal

Bridget Riley (born 1931) is a British artist famous for her mind-bending op-art paintings. She creates eye-catching patterns and optical illusions that seem to move and vibrate, messing with your sense of perception. Riley’s art is all about exploring the effects of color, line, and shape, and her work has an excellent, hypnotic quality that’s made her a big name in the world of contemporary art.

Artist-Inspired TouchDesigner Tutorial Highlights

Refik Anadol Particles in TouchDesigner, Tutorial by Jack

Refik Anadol (born 1985) is a Turkish-born artist and designer known for his groundbreaking work with digital media, particularly data visualization and immersive installations. He uses cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and projection mapping to create stunning visual experiences. Anadol’s art often transforms large public spaces or buildings into dynamic, ever-changing digital canvases, inviting viewers to rethink their relationship with technology and their environment. He’s a tech wizard in the art world, blending creativity with innovation to push the boundaries of what art can be.

Artist-Inspired TouchDesigner Tutorial Highlights

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Generative Dadamaino in TouchDesigner – Tutorial by Crystal

Dadamaino, born Eduarda Emilia Maino (1930-2004), was an Italian artist known for her innovative and minimalist works. She was part of the avant-garde art movements in the 1960s and 70s, exploring space, movement, and light concepts. Dadamaino’s art often featured simple geometric shapes, cut-out patterns, and transparent materials, creating a sense of depth and interaction with the viewer. Her work has a relaxed, abstract vibe that makes you think about the basics of art and perception.

Artist-Inspired TouchDesigner Tutorial Highlights


These are just a few of a growing list of Artist-Inspired TouchDesigner art Tutorials The Interactive & Immersive HQ has. Art constantly recycles, and looking back on prominent figures for inspiration is how we can grow as designers. If you enjoy the videos, please follow Crystal and Jack on their work!