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The training, tools and community you need to take your TouchDesigner career to the next level

As an HQ PRO member, you get:

1. Access to every single one of our trainings

Want to create installations that use GPU particle systems, volumetric lighting, and multi-composite operators? Check.


How about building dynamic 3D installations with interactive elements that can scale from single to multi-touch and virtual reality – all without changing anything about your setup? We’ve got you covered.


Or maybe you just want to know how to get clients who will pay you $1,500 per day for your services.


All of this is included in our training videos, where we lay out the exact foundation of our TouchDesigner practice. There are currently over 20 videos, with a new one guaranteed to be released every month. We regularly sell these trainings individually for $125 a piece.

HQ PRO Trainings

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2. Ask us anything, anytime in our closed Facebook group filled with TouchDesigner experts

The Facebook group is where you’ll be able to discuss and ask us anything and everything TouchDesigner. Along with your fellow group members, we will help you get answers and solutions to ANY TouchDesigner related challenge.


As many of us know, putting the pieces of the TouchDesigner puzzle together can be an overwhelming, time-consuming, frustrating experience. Part of this is due to the fact that when learning TouchDesigner, there often isn’t anyone to help answer questions or connect the missing pieces.


This often results in talented, creative, driven designers and artists like you struggling to achieve the career they want with TouchDesigner. We’ve seen many people with potential underperform or give up because they lacked the right tools and resources to take their TouchDesigner career to the next level.


That’s why we’re including the closed Facebook Group in the HQ PRO.


Want to know how something you learned in one of our courses applies to your unique situation? Have a specific client challenge you need help with?


That’s what the HQ PRO is for. In this group, you’ll have one-on-one, unfiltered access to us, every single day. This group is closed and is only for HQ PRO members. It’s a place for us to get above the noise and have high-level TouchDesigner conversations where we address your individual needs and challenges.

3. Get Your Profile Listed on the Only Job Board for Interactive Tech and Immersive Media Professionals

Want to get discovered by companies looking to hire TouchDesigner developers?


That’s what our job board is for.


Not only will you get access to the entire job board, you also get to create a profile showcasing your work, skills, and education.


This means that, when employers are looking to hire someone, they’ll be able to find your profile and hire you directly through our site.

4. Regular coaching calls

We’ll be hosting two one-hour group coaching calls every month.


On these calls, you’ll have the chance to ask us any questions you have and get help with projects you’re working on. We’ll laser in on any obstacles you’re facing and come up with strategies for overcoming them.


We’ll also be presenting on new topics here that we won’t be discussing anywhere else.


The HQ PRO is the only place where we will be providing TouchDesigner coaching.

5. Over 20 plug-and-play TouchDesigner tools

We realized a long time ago that if we wanted to meet client expectations, we needed total control over our installations. To accomplish this, we developed over 20 TouchDesigner-specific tools. These tools are built to integrate seamlessly with TouchDesigner and have saved us countless hours and resources. These tools are no longer for sale outside the HQ PRO. This means that the HQ PRO is the ONLY place you can get access to our 20+ custom-built TouchDesigner tools.


6. A one time, 1-1 SOS call with us

Included in the HQ PRO is a 15-minute call with us. This call is ideal for helping you with a specific sticking point. Having trouble with a particular client? Can’t figure out that one thing in TouchDesigner? That’s what this call is for.

Or, you can just call us to chat about whatever. It’s up to you! But remember, you only get ONE call per membership, regardless of how long you subscribe for. So use it wisely.



“The Interactive & Immersive HQ PRO team masters, and as teachers they uniquely takes on the seemingly mundane but ultimately very important micro lessons woven into the macro techniques which makes for a highly productive and holistic approach to learning. Their attention to detail, sense of humor, and worldly perspective on the industry makes them the perfect teachers.”

– Hal Lovemelt, CEO @ Feeback.video


“The HQ PRO coaches have been an essential guide for me in this exciting and growing industry. They demystified many of the inner workings of TouchDesigner in my early days and have come in clutch with solutions on a number of high-profile installations.”

– Landon Thomas, Interactive Engineer @ Obscura Digital


“When it comes to TouchDesigner, The HQ PRO teacher’s names are often mentioned in the same breath with the authors of the program. Despite their mastery, they understand the confusion that can come with encountering complex topics for the first time. They are natural teachers, they’re funny, and they’re easy on the eyes.”

– Noah Norman, Chief @ Hard Work Party



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  • Get 60+ hours of video training and courses
  • Join 100+ TouchDesigner developers in The HQ PRO closed Facebook group, where our coaches answer questions daily
  • Create your own profile – with portfolio, bio, and experience – directly on our job board, giving you priority access to new gigs and opportunities
  • Download over 20 plug-and-play TouchDesigner tools
  • Attend 2 live group coaching calls per month
  • Book a 15-minute SoS call with Elburz Sorkhabi
  • There’s no commitment – if you decide the group isn’t for you, or just want some time off, you can cancel at any time