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How To Use Uniforms in the GLSL TOP in TouchDesigner

In TouchDesigner, the integration of native operators with advanced scripting and shading languages significantly enhances its functionality. In this article, we’ll delve into the specifics of how to use uniforms in GLSL in TouchDesigner to integrate values coming from CHOPs and Table DATs into our real-time GLSL shaders. By understanding and utilizing uniforms, is possible to efficiently pass dynamic data into shaders, facilitating more complex and responsive visual effects in projects. THE GLSL TOP GLSL (OpenGL Shading Language) is a powerful, low-level shading language used extensively for graphics rendering. In TouchDesigner, the GLSL TOP allows you to write custom shaders […]

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Documentaries for Creative Technologists

Greetings, TouchDesigner developers! For today’s post we’re headed towards the visual side of generative art exploration. We’ve curated a selection of documentaries and videos that dive into the world of generative design and art, aiming to shed light on this creative domain and offer new perspectives and inspiration for your projects.It’s important to note that generative art, while fascinating, is a nuanced and niche field, particularly when searching for visual media dedicated entirely to its study. Given the scarcity of documentaries focused exclusively on generative art, we’ve expanded our search to include a variety of sources. This approach allows us […]

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AI Tools for Immersive Media Projects

Artificial intelligence is paving the way for promising explorations. We made a list of some of the most interesting AI tools for immersive media projects. We know, artificial intelligence is everywhere. From chatbots to TV headlines, AI technologies are part of our everyday lives and will play a key role in shaping our future. As fas as our work is concerned, artificial intelligence is radically changing the creative realm, thus opening new opportunities for experimentation and creative disruption. There are literally thousands of AI creative tools we can make use of. We’ve made a selection of some of the most […]

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Generative Design Books Worth Reading

Greetings, immersive media developers! In today’s post we will be exploring some generative design books. This is a short guide aimed at those intrigued by the intersection of technology and art. As you may know, generative art is the practice of having algorithms take on a more creative role than usual. It’s about creating something unique every time they run, and its rich history spans from mechanical origins to digital frontiers. This post is for everyone! Whether you’re just dipping your toes into generative art or looking for insights into its practices. We’re here to share a selection of books […]

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Tips for Working on Professional Media Projects

Success in the realm of professional immersive media projects demands a blend of hard and soft skills. Beyond technical expertise, attributes such as time management, process documentation, and the development of a strong professional network are essential. These elements ensure professionalism and reliability, key traits for any designer or technologist looking to impress clients. In this post, we delve into vital strategies and tips for working on professional media projects designed to elevate your professional standing, regardless of the setting. Understand Your Working Environment: Direct Client vs. Agency One of the most important skills any professional in Immersive designer has […]

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