A look at the all new Text COMP

The new experimental release of TouchDesigner brought with it a slew of exciting changes — a newly implemented Vulkan graphics API, high DPI panel rendering, native VST support, and the list goes on! One of the features in that list that may not have jumped right out at you is the introduction of the Text COMP. The Text COMP has been introduced as a replacement for the Field COMP, which enabled the addition of text or numeric data entry fields to user interfaces built within Touch. The Text COMP includes a number of new features which greatly expand upon the […]

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Best Free VSTs for TouchDesigner

With the new release TouchDesigner supporting VSTs, you may be imaging (or drooling!) over which VSTs you might turn to first. But if you’re new to audio production and VSTs in general, you might not see a lot of the excitement or know what plugins might give you the most bang for buck. In this post, we’ll dive into a handful of recommended free VSTs that will likely become a part of everyone’s toolkits. Precursor One quick note before we dive in, a lot of the plugins we’re going to talk about may not have VST3 format plugins, which is […]

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Making Animated GIFs with TouchDesigner

Intro If your daily browsing includes websites like Giphy (or one of the similar GIF hosting/searching/sharing sites), Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, forums or a good old blog, then you’re no stranger to the GIF image format. Let’s say that you’ve just made a super cool visual in TouchDesigner and are interested in sharing it on one of the above sites as a GIF. If you’ve spent any time with TouchDesigner, you’re probably thinking: I bet I could use TouchDesigner to export GIFs, right? Well, you’d be partially right — TouchDesigner does indeed include the ability to export GIFs natively. However, it […]

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TouchDesigner Release Rundown: 2021.38110

The new experimental build of TouchDesigner dropped just about a week ago. This new build has A TON of new features that you need to know about. If you’re not much of a wiki diver and don’t have time to comb through the full patch notes, this post gives you the high level view of what’s new and what to be excited about! Vulkan The single largest change is that OpenGL has been completely removed from the TouchDesigner engine and everything has been migrated to Vulkan. Vulkan is the new go-to API that is the successor of OpenGL. It has […]

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2021 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are here and you might be thinking of getting some odds and ends for friends and colleagues working in interactive tech or immersive media. If you are, then this guide to some of our favourite tools and products might help you fill the gaps in your shopping list or give you an idea for something to pick up for yourself! Low-cost gifts TouchOSC TouchOSC has been a staple in our industry for quick and easy interface building on iOS devices. They recently released a totally overhauled and brand new version of TouchOSC […]

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