Reviewing Content with Clients

There’s nothing worse than working on something for a really long time on something only to have it shot down by your client. Whether it’s content, the UX of an installation, interactive gestures, or music, it always feels like you wasted a bunch of time. Having been through this process for years on end, I decided to share a few tools and tricks that have made my process and the experiences better for everyone involved. Two useful tools The first things I’ve found most useful in recent years are the new tools available to us. The best one that I’ve […]

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Free Notch + TouchDesigner Virtual Gameshow

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting Arminas Kazlauskas, Product Specialist at Notch, for a 3-day live streamed virtual event in collaboration with Notch. We covered a lot over the 3 live stream sessions and it flew by! We worked through building a virtual game show environment and exposing all of it’s properties from Notch, building TouchDesigner minigames and a framework for running Notch Blocks, and incorporating live Twitch chat commands to trigger it all in real-time. For all the community, we’ve put together the recordings of the streams on YouTube as well as all project file downloads so […]

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Two Quick Notch and TouchDesigner Tricks

Over the past week, we’ve had a blast putting on our joint live stream with the Notch team! We’ve put together and explained building a virtual game show experience that is controllable through Twitch chat commands. Both Armin from Notch and I have shared a wealth of great tricks for TouchDesigner and Notch users. In this blog post, I’ve got two of the best tricks in an easy to digest fashion for you! Notch Camera Transforms The first great trick comes from Armin! I really enjoyed this trick but it works really well with content creation workflows. It allows you […]

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Parsing Twitch Chat Commands in TouchDesigner

Twitch is blowing up as a platform and more and more clients are wanting to shift their projects into some form of interactive live stream. If you’ve read our past posts, we’ve talked about how to get Twitch chat into TouchDesigner using WebSockets, but if you’re just getting started on your TouchDesigner Python journey, then one of the main lines that parses your commands might feel like a total mystery. In this post, we’re going to break down the main Python trick behind all of this parsing so you feel confident taking these workflows into your own hands! The tricky […]

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Notch Release Rundown:

Continuing our series of getting you dense release notes summarized in an easy to digest fashion, we’ve got a big Notch release today that just dropped! It’s the first release since the beginning of August and it’s packed with new features, new nodes, bug fixes, and lots of other updates. It’s an exciting one and we’re here to give you the round up and give you our professional opinion on updating for your project. New nodes! We’ve got a few new nodes that may be helpful to folks working in virtual productions. The main one is the new Select Render […]

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