TouchDesigner Project Privacy: Part 2

There are many reasons why you’d want to lock your projects. Some of those may be artistic reasons and some of them might be business-related. In our last blog post, we talked about how you can use Project-level privacy and how you can use that to keep your whole project work behind a password. Now let’s dive into the next level of privacy you can implement: component-level privacy. Why use component privacy? Project-level privacy stops anyone without the password from getting out of perform mode. Component-level privacy allows anyone to browse around your network BUT they can’t go inside of […]

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TouchDesigner Project Privacy: Part 1

When it comes to application building in TouchDesigner, there are times that we want to keep our work and techniques away from prying eyes. Whatever the reason for preserving the privacy of your code, TouchDesigner has a great way of locking down your work and keeping it safe. How does it work? TouchDesigner privacy features essentially password protect your project or part of your network. There are two levels of privacy. The first is project wide which means that your project will start in perform mode and the user will not be able to leave perform mode and get to […]

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Thermal Effect in TouchDesigner

Thermal effects are common in almost all vfx systems and video servers. They’re fun and easy to use and can turn even boring content into something interesting by creating the illusion of thermal camera / heat scan. With all that said, it’s not hard to make a fully custom thermal effect inside of TouchDesigner using only a few operators. Let’s dive in! Setup The first thing we’ll do is get some kind of video into our project. In this example, I’ll use the Video Device In TOP, set my library to Media Foundation and then select my laptop’s Integrated Camera […]

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Is “finishing” your missing skill?

We had a great conversation in The HQ PRO today about the top skills you can put in your toolkit to help you get work and to jumpstart your career. While I had many practical ideas and suggestions, one of the skills I actually thought was most important was the skill of “finishing.” In this post, I’ll tell you what I mean, why it’s important, and why it’s something all employers look for. What does finishing mean? Finishing isn’t a special concept or particularly tricky one. It really comes down to starting a project and actually taking it to it’s […]

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Easy Scenes & Transitions in TouchDesigner

Managing different scenes and moving between them in an efficient manner can seem like a daunting task. You start to think about all the different tools and networks you need to make just to get this simple functionality in your project. Never fear! Luckily in the palette there is the sceneChanger component that can help you get up and running quickly and easily! Setup The first thing we need to is get out environment setup. We’ll start by finding the sceneChanger in the palette and dragging it into our project. We can find the sceneChanger in the Tools section of […]

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