Installation Networking – Part 2

Picking up where we left off in our part 1, we’re going to look at some common terms and communication protocols. While some brains may melt when thinking about computer networking (mine included!), I guarantee that these concepts and pieces of knowledge will be used in your career working on interactive technology and immersive media experiences, otherwise I wouldn’t have ended up learning them myself! If you’re just starting this series, I recommend you check out part 1 here: What’s a port? We finished the last post by talking about ports and how you might address different systems and devices […]

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Blur Glow Effect in TouchDesigner

Find the usual work video calls a bit dull? Want to achieve a nice filter glow on your zoom work calls? This simple tutorial will demonstrate how to do a glow effect with your webcam input with some simple TOP tricks. We will make two samples where we will learn how we can use blurs and composites to soften and brighten the look. Afterward, we will go over how we can take that input and feed it into your video chatting platform. Glow One Look First, start by putting your camera input into your TouchDesigner network by dropping a Video […]

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Installation Networking – Part 1

It’s tough to operate in the current industry without your devices being network connected. On top of your day-to-day ability to join WiFi networks and connect to devices, interactive and immersive installations require an even deeper knowledge of networking to get things like OSC, UDP, and other networking protocols working! In this series of posts, we’ll give you a handful of techniques and bits of knowledge that should be on your Swiss Army Knife of networking so that you can follow be in control of your interactive & immersive environments! What is my IP? This is one of the most […]

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Comments in TouchDesigner

With the new 2022 official release of TouchDesigner, one of the most developer-requested features is the ability to add comments directly into your network. This was previously something you had to do by dropping Text DATs around the project, but it was neither intuitive, clean, nor easy to use. We finally have native comments in TouchDesigner and networks are about to get a WHOLE lot cleaner and more manageable! The hierarchy of comments The three main new components of commenting are part of the new Network Utilities functionality in TouchDesigner. Network Utilities is an important name to remember going forward, […]

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TouchDesigner 2022 Release!

With the new 2022 release of TouchDesigner there are a TON of amazing new features that developers and artists are excited to dive into. But as with any new release of this size, it can feel overwhelming on what to dive into first and how to approach some of these new features. Over the past few months, we’ve released a ton of content covering these new features and this post gives you the fastest access to diving into all of the best new features! VSTs Whenever I remembered the VSTs are now in TouchDesigner, I hear Carnima Burana’s O Fortuna […]

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