Do You Need A Business?

If you’ve decided to be a freelance artist or developer, you might be wondering to yourself if it’s worth setting up an LLC or corporation. What are the pros? What are the cons? You’ve probably heard lots of people talking about but maybe it seems like a lot of work? In this post, I’ll describe in plain English the 2 main reasons you should consider setting up a business for your creative development practice. Disclaimer I’m not a lawyer or an accountant. This is personal knowledge from my experiences. Always get professional legal and financial advice before making any life […]

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Remote Accessing Your TouchDesigner Installation

Remote access is…..a pain to say the least. There are tons of options, everyone has an opinion, and all IT departments at venues/offices have tons of rules about what apps are able to be run on their networks. In short, there’s no easy answer. I’ll break down the 3 most used remote access apps and which I use in different situations. Tried and true You might laugh or cringe at this recommendation. It’s by no means my favourite, or the best, or the most cost effective. In fact it’s actually the most annoying app I have to use on a […]

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Loading MIDI Files in TouchDesigner

For some, MIDI is a thing of the past and a protocol you’ve likely not touched in years. For many developers, especially those working with artists, music equipment, or other sound-focused softwares, MIDI is still one of the go-to staple protocols to use. A recent question in The HQ PRO was about how to load and playback MIDI files directly inside TouchDesigner and in this post, I’ll show you an easy way to do just that! MIDI In CHOP The first step in the process is to use the MIDI In CHOP! Surprisingly for most people the same CHOP that […]

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Depth Sensors in 2021

As the years pass and newer and newer gear comes out, we often have to re-evaluate what we’re using in our installations. Depth sensors are a prime example. The amount of companies that have entered and exited the depth sensors market in the last few years is wild. In this post, we’re going to look at the recent depth sensor news and offer recommendations based on what we’ve been using on installations. Microsoft Let’s start with the tried and true: Microsoft Kinect. Now Microsoft isn’t immune to drama in the depth sensor space. The Kinect 2.0, or XBOX One Kinect, […]

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Datamoshing in TouchDesigner – Part #3

We’ve been getting deeper and deeper into the build of our datamoshing component in TouchDesigner. We’re finally digging into GLSL code and porting over the individual examples from our reference material, and by the end of this post, we’ll have a working shader starting to come together! Spoiler alert! If you haven’t read part one and two, I highly recommend you read them. Aside from being a fun component and a cool effect, the deliberately long process I’ve taken to build this is educational in it’s own right, as it shows you behind the scenes a process that all high-end […]

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