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Useful Python Libraries for TouchDesigner Beginners

One of the most useful features of TouchDesigner that might not be particularly obvious to beginners is its tight integration with Python. Besides enabling the use of Python for scripting, this integration gives access to a large amount of TouchDesigner-specific Python tools and utilities, as well as the ability to utilize Python’s extensive collection of built-in and third-party libraries. In this article, we’ll take a look at various Python libraries that are useful when building projects in TouchDesigner, including TouchDesigner-specific utilities, Python’s standard library and third-party Python libraries. Differences between Python Modules, Packages and Libraries In this article, we’re going […]

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Projection Mapping Resources You Should Know About

Do you need help determining what projectors to get for a project? Do you want to get started with projection mapping but wish to learn more about it works? Here are some projector resources to make your journey smoother and more manageable. Projection-Mapping Edge Blending Paul Bourke’s paper ‘Edge blending using commodity projectors’, has been a valuable reference for projection mappers for almost two decades. If you use multiple projectors, you must blend the edge on the overlapped section to avoid a visible seam. In this paper, Bourke uses the formula for a clean projection with multiple projectors. It […]

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Delete SOP tricks in TouchDesigner

In today’s post we’ll take a look at the Delete SOP in TouchDesigner. This operator allows us to selectively remove unwanted geometry components from a geometry object. We will also visit some possible practical uses and basic examples. Let’s get to it! Delete SOP As a filter operator, it requires an input in order to have an effect on the chain. Now; this SOP makes it possible for us to delete points and primitives based on various criteria such as point or primitive number, a range of point or primitive numbers, a group of points or primitives, a region defined […]

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RNBO: The new platform by Cycling ’74

One of the rewards interactive and immersive designers have at their advantage is having at their disposal access to a constant stream of new and innovative tools. Weekly, we are bombarded with incoming releases from studios and companies announcing the arrival of a new tool for us to consider and make part of our arsenal. Amidst this flurry of new releases, it’s always exciting to see what new tools and platforms will emerge to shape the future of interactive design. And in keeping with this trend, we want to highlight the arrival of a new platform developed by Cycling ‘74, […]

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Hotkeys All TouchDesigner Developers Should Know

As a digital creator, you’re likely to have spent plenty of time with your preferred software and, as you may already know, there are numerous actions that can be somewhat tedious when being repeated over and over. Most of these turn out to be tasks that require moving our cursor to “distant” parts of our interface’s taskbar and navigating subfolders to locate our desired commands.  Now, when you think about it, these are actions that take up time we could be using on our creative process. In order to minimize this loss of creative time, today we will be discussing […]

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