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A Look at Procedural Content Generation in Unreal Engine

The Procedural Content Generation framework is one of the exciting recent additions to Unreal Engine. Introduced with version 5.2 in May of this year, it provides a robust tool set for procedurally generating content in Unreal Engine without the need for any additional software or plugins. In practice, it can be used for a wide variety of applications, ranging from entire planets to much smaller features like moss growth on a tree branch. The Procedural Content Generation framework doesn’t just have to be used for generating 3D assets either! In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at […]

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Exporting SVG in TouchDesigner

Do you want to export vector files from TouchDesigner to be cut, plotted, or printed? Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files are probably the most common graphic format for this purpose. Unfortunately, TouchDesigner currently doesn’t support exporting files into SVG, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Using some external Python, you can make your generative designs in vectors! Luckily, Matthew Ragan has a tool just for the SOP to SVG pipeline. There will be some preparation needed to have the tool work, but this blog post will give you a step-by-step guide on using the ‘base_sop_to_svg’ tool and some tips and […]

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Unreal Engine 5.2 Overview for Immersive Design

Greetings, TouchDesigner developers! In today’s blog we’ll be having a look at the latest release of Unreal Engine, focusing on novel and improved features that influence immersive and interactive design, and highlighting their potential impact on your projects. If immersive design within Unreal Engine is a topic of your interest then, this overview is tailored for you. Let’s get started! Unreal Engine and Immersive Design Developed by Epic Games, Unreal Engine has been a staple in the gaming industry, there’s no doubt about that! However, its capabilities expand far beyond just games. When thinking of immersive design it offers a […]

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Unreal Engine Procedural Content Generation for Immersive Installations

With the release of Unreal Engine 5.2 earlier this year, Epic Games introduced a number of exciting new features including the Procedural Content Generation framework. Sounds exciting, huh? This new addition allows for procedural generation of content and tools, which can greatly range in complexity — examples range from realistic organic vegetation to dense cityscapes to entire worlds. It can be used to place static meshes, actors, sounds, and more. In this post, we’re going to take a look at the new Procedural Content Generation functionality and why it might be a useful tool for interactive installations. What is the […]

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Unreal Immersive Media Tools and Integrations

In today’s rapidly evolving multimedia landscape, Unreal Engine has carved a unique niche with its wide array of tools and features. The wide range of Unreal Immersive Media tools available has transformed how far we can push the software in the realm of Immersive Design. In this article, we’ll dive deep into various communication protocols and integrations that make Unreal Engine a standout choice for creators in the field. Communication Protocols and Integrations OSC Integration OSC, which stands for Open Sound Control, is a communication protocol optimized for modern networking technology. While its name might suggest it’s solely for sound […]

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