Interactive Software Landscape Pt #2

We all know how many different software packages are out there and it can frankly paralyze people in their decision making process. In our last post we talked about TouchDesigner and Notch, and today we’re going to dive into Unity and Unreal. These two game engines have become quite popular in our industry, let’s dive in! Unity Let’s start with Unity since it gained popularity in the interactive and immersive media space before Unreal. It came into our scene around 4-5 years ago and made quite the splash being one of the first game engines to start dropping their prices. Some […]

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Interactive Software Landscape Pt #1

Choosing what app to use for your projects never seems like an easy job. Every year it seems like there’s a new way to do XYZ and another app got a whole new set of features that make it now The Ultimate Best Way To Do Things (TM). In these next two posts, I’m going to highlight a handful of the popular development apps used currently and what I see as their strengths and where they shine best to help make your platform choices a bit easier. Why bother? If you had asked me a few years ago what to […]

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Fulldome 101 – Part #3

The last post in this series was centered around the content types and gears that can be utilized in your fulldome projects (click here for part 1, and click here for part 2!). In this post of the series, we talk about different characteristics of dome venues and then set the template for our fulldome project in TouchDesigner. Domes Dome venues can structurally be different from each other based on their usage. It is important to realize that sometimes these structural differences require adjustments in rendering settings of your project and therefore, to render out the content correctly, you should […]

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Fulldome 101 – Part #2

In the last post in this series, we talked about fulldome theatres and their inputs and outputs in general and explored a few types of projections. Now that’s just the beginning of working with the fulldome! Before starting to create proper content for your dome project, we need to know what are the options and explore some tools required to make different content types. That is the focus of this post. If you missed the first post in this series, click here. Recap Just a quick note here, in the last post, we saw examples of cub maps and equirectangular(spherical) […]

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Fulldome 101 – Part #1

[Editor’s Note: Hi all! Elburz here. The next few blog posts are a great series written by a fantastic developer and artist, Meisam Nemati. He works with a multitude of softwares and has found his passion in developing fulldome experiences with TouchDesigner. This series of blog posts will serve as a fantastic intro to fulldome experiences if you’ve never heard of them or worked with them yourself. Enjoy!] Whether you are a developer or an A-V artist who is engaged with immersive production, you may have found “Dome” as a rising concept within the industry.  In this series of blog […]

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