Recovering TouchDesigner From a Crash…

Oh boy! Spicy topic. We’ve all been there. Apps crash, work is lost, everyone goes home frustrated. This could happen with any application, not just TouchDesigner, and I remember a good expression I heard many years ago that we work in “unstable media.” TouchDesigner does have some nice mechanisms that can help us with this though, but before you can really use them, you need to understand some of the common crash states and what they look like. Let’s dive in! Set the record straight First and foremost. Nothing is bullet and even recovery methods fail. So these should feel […]

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What every TouchDesigner operator needs to know

TouchDesigner is a vast application with so many possibilities and avenues of development. You could make art works almost entirely using only one operator family before you even dive into Python or GLSL or C++. So what are the critical pieces of knowledge you need as a beginner? What are the best bang-for-buck pieces of knowledge that lay a solid foundation for your career? In this post, I lay out what we consider to be essential knowledge every TouchDesigner operator needs to know. First steps You might be surprised, but the first steps of operating TouchDesigner come before the nodes. […]

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Python Optimization in TouchDesigner

We all love using Python in TouchDesigner. It gives you so much flexibility and power to create whatever you want. But I’m sure you’ve heard all the pros say “be careful! Python can get real slow!” While this is true, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t easy ways to optimize your Python usage so you can get both power and performance together. These tricks are a summary of a handful of discussions we’ve had in The HQ PRO and many of insights come from Matthew Ragan, who’s been diving in with everyone on the Python goodness. Let’s dive in! Accessing […]

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Removing banding in Notch

Banding is a big issue in a lot of content. It’s the thing we’re least expecting to deal with when it comes time to delivering either rendered content or a generative content. It can strike when you least expect it and picky clients will hound you till the end of the earth for it. There are lots of different ways you can deal with banding, but today we’re going to look at a great trick that one of my colleagues Aristotle Roufanis recently showed me in Notch. What is banding? Banding is a common term to use when you see […]

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Why you need transactional APIs

What’s a Transactional API? Simple. It’s an API that is focused on delivering fast, reliable, 1-to-1 interactions with users. You can think of transactions as things like email notifications, push notifications, SMS messaging, and similar. While these might not sound like something you’d need in your toolkit, you’d be surprised how many projects require some form of 1-to-1 interaction with the users and the benefits you can get from using a transactional API. What’s the alternative? Before we dive into transactional APIs, let’s take a moment to talk about what they’re replacing. These are the transactions or fast interactions you […]

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