Animation Initialization in TouchDesigner

This week we had a topic request come in asking us how we would approach initializing a project that has a lot of CHOP networks linked to animations. This includes networks of Button COMPs, Animation COMPs, Timer CHOPs, Trigger CHOPs, and more. I’m sure many folks, ourselves included, have been stuck in this tricky question before, having to resort to tactics like bypassing and un-bypassing CHOPs quickly to reset them. This seem non-intuitive methods of working that can be prone to bugs and thankfully there are some strategies you can use to create bulletproof animation systems. The main problem… The […]

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Simple Right Click Menus in TouchDesigner

Building user interfaces in TouchDesigner has been getting much more interesting over the past year. The release of Widgets have given us a whole new avenue for creating quick and easy user interfaces that have complex functionality and are aesthetically pleasing. There has been one UI element that has alluded many of us for quite some time though: right-click popup menus. There is a lot that goes into creating a right-click popup menu, which is why it’s often recommended against building one from scratch. Well, lucky us, we have one already built and ready to be customized for us! This […]

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Scaling Interactive Notch Content in TouchDesigner

One of the challenges of integrating Notch Blocks in TouchDesigner was that scaling up the interactivity could be tricky. If you needed 10 interactive touch points, whether from Kinect joints or touch screens, you would need to expose 10 different sets of transform positions. Then you’d import the Notch Block into TouchDesigner and have to map every parameter by hand. This could often take a while and made it hard to imagine scaling content up to higher amounts of interaction. With the new Exposable Arrays feature, this is a thing of the past! Exposable Arrays Recently, on our YouTube channel […]

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Audio Reactive Drawn Content in TouchDesigner

[Editor’s note from Elburz: Hi all! Today we’ve got a great in-depth guest post from Crystal Jow about her process in making this piece of analog-digital hybrid art in TouchDesigner that is audio reactive. She goes through all the nuts and bolts and has kindly provided a TouchDesigner project file you can download and experiment with as well. Everything from the content, she does a lot of great work, and I’d highly suggest checking out her Instagram account by clicking here. Enjoy!] Do you ever wonder how to get a 2D analog look in TouchDesigner? Or do you wonder how […]

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Stylizing footage with LUTs

Have you ever wondered how films get such beautiful colour looks? Have you tried to get Instagram-style filters in TouchDesigner? These kinds of things can be quite time intensive and difficult to do if you’re trying to manually use Level TOPs and can often end up in sprawling networks just to get what you thought was a simple effect. If you’ve ever worked in the film or photography industry you’ll have heard of LUTs. These are the magic tools used to apply complex colour corrections and stylized effects quickly and easily and today I’ll show you how to use them […]

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