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Recent TouchDesigner Updates 2022.31030

The initial stable release of the 2022 version of TouchDesigner was an exciting one for the community, full of great new features to explore (Vulkan! VSTs!). But the new features didn’t stop with that initial release! In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the exciting new updates that have been added to TouchDesigner over the last few months. Specifically, we’ll take a look at a major new release of TDAbleton, as well as improvements and new features that were added to the Blob Track TOP, Particle SOP, Timer CHOP, and Table DAT. TDAbleton Update: Version 2.0 TDAbleton […]

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Top 5 TDAbleton Components for Beginners in TouchDesigner

One of the most significant thrills when starting your TouchDesigner journey is discovering how effortless it is to access linking capabilities between virtually any modern software and TouchDesigner. Now, if you are a producer, or an audiovisual artist, and you’ve been working with Ableton Live and TouchDesigner (possibly separately,) it is time to step up your game and discover the capabilities offered by the TDAbleton package in TouchDesigner. Before starting First off let’s keep in mind that Elburz has provided us with a lesson on how to unlock the power of TDAbleton in our beloved software.  If you are completely […]

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Generating Particles with Python in TouchDesigner

Particle systems have been a popular topic for TouchDesigner users for a while now, and rightfully so! The simulated physics they can produce generate some amazing visual effects. Up until recently, the only option to generate particles via the Particle SOP was to work with SOPs connected to the Particle Source input. With a recent update, TouchDesigner has added the ability to generate particles via Python (and modify their attributes), which opens up a world of new possibilities for triggering and modifying particle-based effects. In this article, we’ll dive into the newly added createParticles function and create a cool cyclic […]

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ChatGPT for Immersive Developers: Part 2!

As immersive designers and TouchDesigner developers, it’s important to always be looking for ways to streamline our workflow and improve our skills. In our last ChatGPT post, we explored some of the ways that ChatGPT, a programming helper and learning tool, can be useful for those working in these fields. In this post, we’ll delve even deeper and look at even more examples of how ChatGPT can help immersive designers and TouchDesigner developers. Regex: Simplifying the Convoluted and Cryptic I don’t think I’ve met anyone who enjoys building regex expressions. They’re often convoluted, cryptic, and unintuitive, making them a daunting […]

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ChatGPT for Immersive Developers

ChatGPT is an impressive tool that you’ve almost certainly heard about in the news or in blog posts. You’ve also likely seen conversation about it replacing artists, writers, and coders. In this post, I’m going to show you a few ways you can use it as a productive helper tool for artists and developers of all skill levels to improve your workflows and help you solve common problems. Disclaimer ChatGPT is not a real person or a pro. It is just trained on tons and tons of data. That means that there are certain biases it has because of the […]

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