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How to Setup Face Tracking in TouchDesigner

Face tracking in TouchDesigner is one of the most exciting new features to come out recently. This is thanks to the implementation of the NVIDIA RTX face tracking features included in the Maxine SDK. Let’s dive into setting this up! Setting up face tracking in TouchDesigner Setting up face tracking is actually quite easy in TouchDesigner! We’re going to take advantage of the new Face Track CHOP, which connects to all of the NVIDIA backend that come with any of the RTX cards from the last few years. We can start by creating one in an empty project. Then we […]

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Why You Should Check Out Cables.GL

Has has been on your periphery for a while now, but you haven’t yet taken the time to dig into it? Maybe this is the first time you’re hearing of it? If you haven’t heard of it before, is a web-based tool for creating beautiful real-time interactive content. It uses a node-based interface similar to VVVV or TouchDesigner, allowing for quick experimentation and prototyping. is developed by the Berlin-based studio undev (, who started the project back in 2016 as an internal development tool for interactive WebGL and Web Audio projects. Don’t assume that running in the […]

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MidJourney Starters Guide

Rather than flipping pages on Pinterest for inspiration, what if you can give an AI bot what you’re looking for and have it provide you with something no one has seen before? This is the power of MidJourney’s AI/ML platform! This popular new tool is all the rage right now and this blog post takes you through your first steps with it and what it can do. What is MidJounrey? MidJourney is a lab that allows users to generate images using AI, artificial intelligence. You may have seen some people posting a four-tiled picture and sharing some keywords describing the […]

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Streaming YouTube in TouchDesigner

Have you ever wanted to stream YouTube videos or other video platforms directly into TouchDesigner? Previously this was kind of possible, but the performance of the playback wasn’t anything to write home about and it was technically impossible to do any meaningful audio routing. With the latest 2022 updates to TouchDesigner, both of these problems are a thing of the past. Let’s dive in! Using the Palette If you just want to get video streaming into TouchDesigner immediately, we can take advantage of one of the great built-in tools of the Palette: the webBrowser component. To get started with this […]

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Installation Networking – Part 3

We’ve gotten through a lot of topics in our dive into networking information you need to be most successful with your interactive and immersive installations. In part 1 we covered IPs and then we dove into ports, firewalls, and TCP vs UDP in part 2. In part 3, we’re going to take a look at firewall rules and how to approach troubleshooting with this new knowledge. If you’re just starting this series, make sure to start with parts 1 and 2 below. ALSO IF YOU DISABLED YOUR FIREWALL AT THE END OF PART MAKE SURE YOU RE-ENABLED IT (friendly reminder) […]

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