YAML Settings Files in TouchDesigner

There are many different ways to externalize settings for an installation. You could use CSV, Excel files, text files, and more. These are all simple and easy to use, but what happens if you want to store data that’s a bit more complex? We usually end up turning to either JSON, XML, or YAML. Personally I find XML to be a bit of a burden and I use JSON regularly. YAML is a new tool I’ve added to my arsenal because I find it presents a good middle ground between human-readability (like CSV/Excel files) with programmatic ease of use (like […]

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Supporting Custom Hardware

TouchDesigner is an extremely flexible piece of software. It can handle inputs and outputs better than almost any other software I can even think of. But it’s not perfect, and no software could be. There are constantly new pieces of hardware coming out, old pieces of hardware being discontinued, and everything in between. Especially with famous cases such as the Kinect 2.0 being discontinued before the Kinect Azure was supported, knowing how to deal with custom hardware support can be beneficial to both your personal projects and your professional ones. Custom Operators The deepest way you can integrate almost any […]

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New TouchDesigner Licensing!

It’s not often that a software changes or introduces new licensing mechanics. It’s tough for the companies to introduce those changes and it can be tough for the communities to migrate to new licensing. But there’s some exciting news for TouchDesigner developers which is a new licensing mechanic: Floating Cloud Licenses. Let’s take a look! What is a Floating Cloud License The first thing to note is that these are REALLY NEW licenses. You’d only know about this if you’re someone like me who reads every set of release notes for every single build that comes out. They aren’t even […]

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Generating Reactive Audio with TouchDesigner and Max

TouchDesigner is an incredibly versatile tool for real-time rendering and live performances. While TouchDesigner ships with the ability to manipulate audio, other software, like Max, is better suited to creative musical coding. With a bit of OSC interfacing and some elbow grease, TouchDesigner and Max/MSP can work together to create spectacular audio/visual works in only a few minutes.  In this walkthrough, we’ll build a TouchDesigner and Max/MSP patch capable of using video to generate real-time audio. By the end of this post, you’ll have your own musical composition generator that works with any and all visuals! With that said, let’s […]

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Python Challenges in TouchDesigner

Getting comfortable with Python in TouchDesigner can feel like and stop-and-go process. You go through some tutorials, feel great, then you’re encountered with a project and end up overwhelmed. The problem here is that it’s hard to simulate the complexity of a project’s state machine at home, and it’s incredibly boring. One of the things I always recommend is setting mini challenges for yourself and developing your skills by building things instead of staying purely in learning-mode. Here’s some great challenges to try! Build a game You might be surprised that building a game is a great Python challenge but […]

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