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Creating a Stunning TouchDesigner Display Background: A Quick Project

Something I get asked a lot as a TouchDesigner developer is how to make quick and easy content. A lot of times I see people overcomplicate it, and ignore the pre-built tools that are available. Today, I’ll show you some ways that you can make easy and simple display background content in TouchDesigner. These methods are great for a lower budget event or installation that you’re working on, where you need to throw something together quickly. If you’re not familiar with TouchDesigner, we’d recommend starting with our Beginner TouchDesigner tutorial. The Power of Noise TOPs TouchDesigner Noise TOPs create different […]

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Art Residency Takeaways and Lessons

Spending two months in a foreign country doing an art residency brings many challenges. What is the best way to use the time? How do I find resources and supplies to know the space? How can I take the most advantage of the art residency? In this blog, I will go over my latest experience doing an art residency at Thinker Maker Space in Nicosia, Cyprus, and provide some takeaways and lessons I learned. If you are unsure what an art residency is and want to learn more, The Interactive & Immersive HQ has additional resources to check out.: Art […]

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Get DMX Into Unreal Engine from TouchDesigner

Among the many features that have been added to Unreal Engine over the past few years to help position it as a useful tool for interactive and immersive experiences is the inclusion of native DMX support and an accompanying set of tools. Now, Unreal Engine can both receive and send DMX, allowing it to be used for ultra realistic previz and testing or even for controlling fixtures in real-time. Still, it can be useful to integrate the program with programs like TouchDesigner for the ability to rapidly prototype DMX control signal functionality. In this post, we’ll set up an example […]

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Immersive Art Studio Budgeting Tips

Running an immersive art studio can feel like a daunting challenge. Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been operating for a few years, the challenges around budgeting and managing finances never really go away. I’ve been running studios and companies for almost 15 years and have put together some immersive art studio budgeting tips and tricks that can work for you regardless of what flavour or type of studio you have. Precursor Before we dive in, a quick note about budgeting. Budgeting at it’s core is to have a plan for how you spend money. This is kind of abstract […]

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Useful GitHub Repos for Immersive Artists

In the rapidly evolving world of immersive media and creative coding, staying updated with the right resources can make all the difference. For immersive artists and enthusiasts, Immersive Artists GitHub repos have become goldmines of knowledge, inspiration, and practical tools. Whether you’re exploring the intricacies of TouchDesigner, dabbling in the realms of GLSL, or diving deep into Unreal Engine’s source code, there’s a repository tailored just for you. In this article, we curate some of the most invaluable GitHub repositories that every immersive artist should have bookmarked. Let’s dive in! For Learning Awesome Creative Coding by Terkel Gjervig The Awesome […]

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