GPU Comparisons in Notch

Notch is a fantastic tool for content creation but that doesn’t mean you can get away without getting technical. When you’re working on large projects with high-resolutions and framerates, it’s important to make sure you technically prepare your Notch projects to run smoothly and consistently. If that wasn’t reason, Notch Blocks are often embedded in another system, and the other system operators won’t want to mess around with your code. The technical thing I’m talking about is optimization! It’s the cornerstone of high-end work and in this post we’re going to look at the Performance panel and some helpful concepts […]

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Easy & Natural Camera Motion In TouchDesigner

One the things I see often lacking in TouchDesigner work is natural camera movements. To be honest, I rarely see ANY camera movement! Lots of times this works, but many times, a ton of interest and depth can be added to a piece of work by adding camera motion. Developers and artists from all kinds of backgrounds converge on TouchDesigner as their tool of choice. Unless you’re coming from a VFX or similar industry which already works a ton with the camera, it may be something you’re not that comfortable with. Today I wanted to look at a really great […]

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Starry Sky In GLSL

[Editor’s note: Hi all! Elburz here. This week we’ve got a special guest post from Davide Santini, also known as Deltacut. He’s a fantastic member of the community, TouchDesigner developer, and artist. He was responsible for creating the Italian translation of our Introduction To TouchDesigner book, and he’s just released his own new book “TouchDesigner Introduction to GLSL”. This blog post touches on some of the basic elements of drawing with GLSL that give you a taste of his new book (links at the bottom!)] What about GLSL? Facing GLSL code for the first time can be quite overwhelming. Uniforms, […]

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Time for RTX?

You’ve all heard me over the years talking about saving money and trying to make hardware last as long as possible. I often harp on about how CPU architecture is relatively unchanged over the years in terms of raw performance and how GPU’s, while getting progressively faster, are generally unchanged in terms of features. nVidia has thrown a wrench into my plans! The new features in the nVidia RTX series of graphics cards are genuinely exciting and are making me consider upgrading my GPU, here’s why. Trickles of features There have been a lot of cool features trickling out of […]

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TouchDesigner Build Rundown: 2020.26630

There’s a funny thing that happens to intermediates and pros once you’ve been using TouchDesigner for a few years: you stop reading release notes for new builds because you have real work to do. The problem with this is that sometimes new features and big changes roll out and you won’t hear about until much later when someone tells you how great it’s been! I’ve gotten bitten by this a number of times and was thankful to have smart friends who keep on top of new releases. I decided it’d be helpful for us to give you the high level […]

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