Dependable Global Variables

We’ve all used global variables in our projects for years. This could take form of asset paths, computer names, parameters, or really anything! Maybe you’ve got an XML file of settings, a CSV, or even an internal Table DAT. Whatever it is you’ve likely experienced that moment when you update the variable and found that different elements of your network don’t actually pull down the new data unless you force cook them. Today we’ll find out why and a great trick to get around it! What is dependability? In TouchDesigner there is something called dependability. This has nothing to do […]

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TouchDesigner’s Data Model

Moving data between different families of operators is a confusing thing for even intermediate users of TouchDesigner. Operators like CHOP To TOP, DAT To CHOP, SOP To DAT are already hard enough to say let alone effectively use. Over my years of experience I’ve noticed the problem isn’t a technical one, but an understanding of data structures. Let’s break it down! The Silo Model This is how folks typically think of data inside of TouchDesigner: We have TouchDesigner’s magic engine on the bottom. Above that we have these unique styles of data and data formats such as 3D geometry for […]

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TouchDesigner + NFTs

NFTs are a hot topic right now. You’ve probably heard of Beeple making almost $70 million dollars by selling his art as NFTs. What are they? What can they do? Are they right for you? What about the environmental costs? In this post, I’ll give you a quick summary of what they are, how you can approach them, and some things you should consider especially as a TouchDesigner artist. What are they? Now in this post, we’re not going to dive into the technical of everything. Instead I want to make sure after this post you have a decent high […]

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Getting a job vs freelancing

A big choice that artists and developers have to make at some point in your life is whether you should get a job at an existing company or if you should be a freelancer/studio owner. This can be a challenging question and I’ve given lots of our HQ PRO members the following breakdowns to help them make the same decision. Fulfillment and personality The first thing that is important to realize is that both paths can be greatly fulfilling to you. Neither path has an inherent extra benefits, they’re just different. You can an artistically proud employee or an artistically proud freelancer. […]

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TDU Python module in TouchDesigner

TouchDesigner is always growing in its Python capabilities. Whether it’s the newer and shinier, like OpenCV and Script TOP, or more under the hood features like optimized expressions. One TouchDesigner Python feature that has been missed by many TouchDesigner developers is the tdu module. Let’s take a look! What is it? The tdu module is a top level class in TouchDesigner’s implementation. It holds a handful of helper methods and members that don’t particularly fit in any other existing class. It’s imported by default so no need to worry about import statements or anything like that. The cool thing is all the […]

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