Quick Start Guide: nVidia Flex in TouchDesigner

TouchDesigner is well known for always having new features coming out. It’s what it makes it the go-to tool for interactive developers who want support for the latest tools and softwares. nVidia Flex integration has just been added to TouchDesigner and it’s an exciting way to do fluid simulations. But if you’re like most people, it can be a bit tricky to approach, so here’s you quick start guide to nVidia Flex. Let’s go! What is nVidia Flex? nVidia Flex is a library from nVidia that allows softwares to create GPU accelerated particle-based fluid simulations. Now that’s a mouthful for […]

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5 Lessons from Building Media Server Tools

[Editor note from Elburz: Hi all! We have a guest post from Tim Franklin this week about his experiences, lessons learned, and tips he picked up while building media server tools in TouchDesigner. Tim has been an amazing member of the TouchDesigner community and has created a lot of great tools available for free on his GitHub and his website including the tool he’s talking about today as well as a wonderful new timeline tool. One of my initial frustrations moving from a media server background into TouchDesigner was the overall approach to the layout of media across multiple displays.  […]

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TouchDesigner Deep Dive 2020

[Editor note from Elburz: Hi all! Today we have a guest post by Rob McDonald. Rob’s an interesting artist in our field because while he has grown up with music and arts like many of us, he also is a professional in security-focused infrastructure development for large financial institutions. His insight is what makes for today’s post where he documented and wrote about his experiences learning TouchDesigner, the Montreal summit, and how he approach cramming a ton of TouchDesigner learning into a short period of time. Enjoy!] Last year I made the decision when the TouchDesigner Montreal Summit was announced […]

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Depth of Field in TouchDesigner

There are so many things TouchDesigner does out of the box that other softwares can’t do. Playing back dozens of layers of video, connecting to all kinds of hardware I/O, connecting to web APIs, and creating whole new sub-applications with Python are just a few examples. Some of the things that are still not out-of-the-box easy are a lot of common rendering tricks and post-processing functions you would normally do. Matthew Ragan has created a course for the HQ PRO this month that covers all the different aspects of rendering in TouchDesigner and in this post I’m going to share […]

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Harness Your Smartphone Camera

Who would have thought 10 years ago that the best camera most people would have would fit in their pocket and was also their phone? Not only is it the best camera most people have, but smartphones have objectively great cameras in them. Every year the new iPhones, OnePlus, Samsungs, and etc, all get upgraded cameras. They have great resolution, wide angle lenses and telephoto lenses built in, great low-light performance, and more. But there has also been one missing link…how can you harness this camera in your day-to-day creative coding or in an interactive installation? My setup The setup […]

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