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The last couple of weeks we have taken a look at what Virtual Production is, as well as gone through some of the main techniques being used in the industry nowadays. As we saw, this is a creative field that can be applied to an extremely broad spectrum of media and content generation. This means that depending on what skills you want to develop, and what line of work you want to apply it in, you will have to sift through heaps of documentation, tutorials, and guides. Here at the HQ we want to make this journey more accessible. Therefore, […]

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Virtual Production Techniques

We recently discussed the rise of Virtual Production as one of the most promising fields in terms of audiovisual creation. Without a doubt it’s been a game-changer, and because it’s so deeply technology-driven we could dare to say that its state of the art is ever evolving. So today, in order to keep up with its evolution we will be having a look at the main types of Virtual Production methods being implemented in the industry. The Core Technology Virtual Production is the result of practices that originated in the gaming and virtual reality fields. This means that software such […]

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Midjourney AI 4 New Updates

There are constantly new advances in the AI market, and Midjourney is no exception. Midjourney released version 4 beginning of November, and it seems like a game-changer. The latest update now provides even more details in images and fixed some of the previous version’s hiccups. Currently, as the blog is written, the default version on Midjourney is still 3, but people can start exploring version 4 now. How to access Midjourney version 4 How do I turn on version 4 on Midjourney? You can access the new version in the settings by typing /settings in the chat and select MJ […]

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6 Core Competencies for Immersive Designers and Creative Technologists

Immersive design and creative technologist roles require you to know quite a lot about multiple skills. This can feel overwhelming and frustrating for veteran pros and new talent. In this post, we’ll cover the 6 core competencies we’ve identified that every immersive design and creative technologist needs to be confident in their work. The Depth of Skills Before I dive into the skills, one thing that’s always useful to remember is that as an immersive designer or creative technologist you’re never expected (or should be expected) to be an expert or guru of all of these skills. I always talk […]

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Basic Setup for TouchOSC and TouchDesigner

  A few weeks ago we had a look at the Open Sound Control protocol and its capabilities to connect a vast array of software through a myriad of interfaces.  One of these interfaces previously mentioned is TouchOSC, and today we are going to put together a basic setup for you to start using it in your TouchDesigner workflow.The goal of this exercise is to bridge a control surface (an iPad) with TouchDesigner running on a laptop (Macbook Pro.) Although we will be using a Mac system in this example, the roadmap is applicable to Windows as well! The Setup […]

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