Highlights from the Championship!

On Saturday, we held the first ever Interactive & Immersive Championship. It was a blast. Wowwowowow. We had 29 talented TouchDesigner developers from all over the world competing across two different 1-hour challenges for their chance to show the world their work and win tons of prizes. We thought it’d be great to highlight some of The Championship and what we loved seeing. The Interactivity Challenge The first challenge of the day was The Interactivity Challenge. What a blast! The challenge criteria was as follows: Harness your favourite sensor or realtime input to create a interactive & gamified art piece. […]

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Engine COMP Pro Tricks

Engine COMP is shaping up in a way that will truly change the way we make TouchDesigner projects. The ability to control what aspects of our projects are on the main CPU thread or on a different one without having to go through the headache of creating totally new TouchDesigner projects is one of the most exciting features for pros. But the trouble with these new features is that there’s no real precedence or best practices created yet, let alone examples of people using it in the wild that you can look at it. In this blog post, I wanted […]

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Output Movies from TouchDesigner Like a Pro

While TouchDesigner is a real-time engine, there are tons of use cases where you might want to output video files from your TouchDesigner project. This could be for rendering out previz for your client, making content for your website & Instagram, or giving your users a cool memory from their experience. Whatever the reason, it’s something you need to know how to do in TouchDesigner. Let’s dive in! Isn’t it easy? Yes…..and no…. You might be thinking: “Don’t we just use the Movie File Out TOP??” Yes! Of course we’re going to use that, but there are tons of small […]

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The Interactive & Immersive Championship

I know we’ve been hush-hush about our “secret projects” and we said there was something big coming soon. In a recent interview with Robert at Contraption.pro, I mentioned that folks should be brushing off the dust on their skills and getting into top form and this is why: we’re launching The Interactive & Immersive Championship, the only eSports event for interactive tech and immersive media pros. A competition for TouchDesigner developers with thousands of dollars in prizes. Let’s dive in! What is it? The Interactive & Immersive Championship is a live competition for TouchDesigner developers that will be live streamed […]

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TouchDesigner Workflow Speed Boosts

TouchDesigner is a unique platform because there are so many ways to do any one thing. Not only that but there are tons of tricks-of-the-trade that developers learn along the way. Most of these are shared between friends and colleagues and can sometimes pass under the radar even though they can save you multiple clicks and tons of time in your workflow. I thought a great post would be to share some of the great and easy ones I’ve learned alone the way. Fast Null Creation Creating null operators is a necessity in the pro workflow. Every time you’ve finished […]

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