Datamoshing in TouchDesigner – Part #3

We’ve been getting deeper and deeper into the build of our datamoshing component in TouchDesigner. We’re finally digging into GLSL code and porting over the individual examples from our reference material, and by the end of this post, we’ll have a working shader starting to come together! Spoiler alert! If you haven’t read part one and two, I highly recommend you read them. Aside from being a fun component and a cool effect, the deliberately long process I’ve taken to build this is educational in it’s own right, as it shows you behind the scenes a process that all high-end […]

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Datamoshing in TouchDesigner – Part #2

Datamoshing is a super fun effect to build and has been increasingly finding more creative usages both in real-time and rendered media. In part #1 of this series, we covered the high level implementation approach. Now it’s time to dive into TouchDesigner and start building our datamoshing component! Read part #1 There have been a few weeks between part #1 and this post, so I’d highly recommend readers make sure they’ve gone over part #1 if you haven’t read it. If you have, it’s still a good refresher because we won’t be diving too deeply into the concepts again here. […]

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Immersive Business Tips

We have two live group sessions in The HQ PRO ever month which are a lot of fun. In our last group session, we had some great business topics we discussed all around managing clients, dealing with projects that could change scope, billing cycles, and more. I thought our discussions were so fruitful that I’ve assembled some of the questions below along with the thoughts I shared with everyone! Get paid fairly Our first question here is as follows: How should I set contracts up to ensure that I get paid and I’m not overworked or underpaid on a project […]

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Databases in TouchDesigner

There are many times where we have to deal with large amounts of data in TouchDesigner. Whether you’re working with social media or large data sets provided by clients, you’ve likely experienced how tricky it can be to manage this data in DATs. In this blog post, I’ll show you how you can take advantage of industry standard databases in TouchDesigner. Getting started We’ll be primarily interfacing with our database via Python. In this case, we’ll also be using the built-in library inside of Python to create and manage an SQLite database. SQLite is a format of database that is […]

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The Championship Recap!

On August 21-22 we held our 2nd Interactive & Immersive Championships. It was an amazing event and we saw 16 amazing developers and artists create works of art that the judges could barely believe was possible in 90 minutes! In this post, we’re going to recap some of those great works and show you where you can continue to follow all of the competitors and learn more about them! Prize Winners! A big congrats to the three prize winners of the event. These competitors brought a huge amount of techniques, processes, and creativity to their challenges and demonstrated exceptional artistry […]

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