Packaging up TouchDesigner Projects

Let’s get it out of the way: we all wish we could export an executable app from TouchDesigner. While we can’t do that now, there are some good techniques we can use to make packaging small projects as we ship them out to customers or move them between different systems. That’s where TouchDesigner’s VFS (virtual file system) comes in! This isn’t a foolproof system for every single project, just like any technique in TouchDesigner needs to be applied in the correct situation, but it’s a great tool to have in your back pocket. Let’s dive in! When did VFS come […]

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Auto-scaling UIs in TouchDesigner

It can be easy to miss some of the exciting features that get released in TouchDesigner. One of the ones that is really exciting are the dynamic features added to components that allow them to scale easily with other elements of your user interface. UIs have always been a little bit tricky for many developers, especially considering you previously needed to use a lot of Python to make them scale. In this post, we’re going to look at some of these new features that you can dive into quickly and easily! Set up Before we dive in, let’s quickly setup […]

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TouchDesigner Text TOP Pro Tricks

We love making art. That’s a fact. But another hidden fact is that most installations will have some form of text in them. Whether the text is artistic or not depends on the project! That aside, there are a lot of secret tricks that allow pros to use the Text TOP effectively to do complex layouts very quickly. There are also some tricks we use to get around doing complex math to figure text sizes and similar. In this post, I’ll show you a few of the best tricks for the Text TOP. Custom layouts This is probably the biggest […]

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The Interactive & Immersive Championship Results!

The Interactive & Immersive Championship was the first ever eSports event for TouchDesigner developers and it has finally come to an end this weekend. The event had 29 competitors who had to conceive and build beautiful TouchDesigner art live on-the-fly on Twitch for the chance of winning thousands of dollars in prizes. The competitors didn’t know any of the challenges before we started the events, which made for a lot of creative thinking on a tight timeline. The final round had competitors building amazing data visualizations using UFO data and creating art in the style of their favourite artists. After […]

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Working on Time Pressures

Have you ever had a client looking over your shoulder asking when something will be done? Have you felt drips of sweat on your forehead as you had only a few minutes left to fix something in a project before an event starts? We know these can be stressful and have faced these time and time again. The competitors in The Interactive & Immersive Championship experience this first hand when they’re given 60 minutes to tackle building something in TouchDesigner without any heads up! In honour of that, here are some of my top strategies for working under heavy time […]

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