3D Scanning with Apple’s LiDAR

If you have iPhone 12 or newer, or the IPad Pro 4th generation, you may have heard that there’s LiDAR capability. Now you can do a 3D scan of objects, buildings, or architectural space and import it to software to manipulate in, such as TouchDesigner. This blog will go over what LiDAR is, different apps that will be compatible to upload into TouchDesigner, and what unique possibilities this technology can bring. What is LiDAR? LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Range. LiDAR is a method to measure range by targeting an object or surface with a laser to calculate the […]

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TouchDesigner Release Rundown: 2022.21460

The release of the 2021.38110 experimental build of TouchDesigner in December 2021 brought with it a lot of exciting new features and was the focus of many articles and videos. But the addition of new features didn’t stop there! Since then, we’ve seen three more experimental releases, with the most recent being 2022.21460, which was released a little over two weeks ago. In this article, we’ll cover not only some of the exciting features that have been added in the latest experimental version, but also since the initial experimental release in December. Native Apple Silicon Support Support has been added […]

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Dangers of Ballpark Estimates

I was recently on a call where someone was asking me for ballpark estimates on how much it would cost to develop the software and procure the hardware for some interactive & immersive experiences. At this point in my career, I’m quite confident with that BUT I realized they were likely going to talk to other folks as well! So this post has insights to keep in mind if you’re ever needing to quickly pull some numbers out of a hat! What are the dangers? The dangerous of on-the-spot estimates are huge. They can range from reputation at the start […]

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TouchDesigner Web Servers

An often overlooked feature of TouchDesigner is that it can actually host a web server! This feature has flown under the radar for a lot of developers and artists but it gives you an easy way to receive messages from all kinds of other systems. In this post, we’ll show you how to send messages and data from an iOS device (or Android device) to your TouchDesigner project! Setting up the Web Server First thing we need to do is setup our web server in TouchDesigner. This is relatively easy in the newer versions of TouchDesigner because we can take […]

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Area Detection with Surveillance IR Cameras

Do you want to do area tracking without paying top dollars for a Kinect sensor? This little hack uses a USB IR Camera to do the trick. They are commonly used as surveillance cameras and you can purchase one for about $32 USD on Amazon! In this post, we’ll look at how you can quickly process and analyze IR camera feeds and create triggers from them. So what is an IR Camera? IR stands for infrared, which is a small part of the whole light spectrum that isn’t perceptible by our eyes. An IR Camera detects and measures this specific […]

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