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Get Our 7 Core Project File Templates, FREE!

Get Our 7 Core Project File Templates, FREE!

TouchDesigner lets us create immersive, interactive media and art in a way that no other platform can. But anyone who has worked with TouchDesigner knows that it’s not an easy tool to use. Some of its most powerful features require knowledge of multiple programming languages and undocumented techniques to unlock.

That’s why, for the first time, we’re making our 7 core project file templates available – for free. These templates shed light into the most useful and sometimes obtuse features of TouchDesigner. They’re designed to be immediately applicable for the complete TouchDesigner beginner, while also providing inspiration for the advanced user.

Whats Included In The Project File Templates:

How to use containers to make your output canvas.

This is how the pros optimize and set up content for output to reduce tearing and stutter. We frequently use this to increase frame rates by 50%.

Optimize resource use of multiple TouchDesigner projects running on the same computer.

This will transform the potential of your installations – and it’s only a single line of code.

Access public APIs in TouchDesigner.

From social media to GitHub, external APIs are a critical part of interactive installations for any professional designer.

Learn how to use color buffers to create multi-output TOPs

with GLSL without trying to untangle these features from someone else’s code.

Composite, scale and transform textures with GLSL.

A must-have feature that is laid out simply in these templates. How to set up render picking. Render picking is how you create true 3D immersive media with TouchDesigner. Our templates show you how to set it up.

How to drag and drop 3D objects with render picking.

This template will show you how to quickly and efficiently handle the 3D aspects of your installations.

“These templates form the foundation on which I have built my career. I hope they’re as useful for you as they have been for me.”

 – Elburz Sorkhabi, Founder, The Interactive & Immersive HQ