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The Interactive & Immersive Championship

I know we’ve been hush-hush about our “secret projects” and we said there was something big coming soon. In a recent interview with Robert at, I mentioned that folks should be brushing off the dust on their skills and getting into top form and this is why: we’re launching The Interactive & Immersive Championship, the only eSports event for interactive tech and immersive media pros. A competition for TouchDesigner developers with thousands of dollars in prizes. Let’s dive in!

What is it?

The Interactive & Immersive Championship is a live competition for TouchDesigner developers that will be live streamed on Twitch. Competitors will battle their way through 4 challenges that will push them to their limit and test their skills across a technical challenge, aesthetic challenge, integration challenge, and interactivity challenge. Winners of each round will get points and the competitor with the most points at the end of the challenges will be proclaimed the winner. Winners will receive thousands of dollars in prizes including TouchDesigner licenses, Notch licenses, hardware, and more provided by our generous Premium Sponsors: Derivative and Notch. And all of this will be happening live on our Twitch broadcast! Competitors will stream their desktops and camera feeds to our servers, and we’ll be putting it all together into an amazing live stream where you can watch your favourite pros create amazing works. You can watch this video about the event:

Why do it?

If you’re a professional in the industry or a rising talent, this is you chance to get your name out there in a meaningful and public way. Show off your skills in front of the world and take home some amazing prizes at the end. If you’re new to the industry or not interested in competing, this is an amazing opportunity to watch some of the top pros in the world in action. The Championship will be hosted by Matthew Ragan, a name you all should know by now, and myself. We’ll be leading the competitors through the challenges, highlighting the viewers work as it happens live on screen, and we’ll bring together members of the community and industry experts as guests and judges.

What to expect?

The Championship will be a fantastic event. Expect to have a great time hanging out with all of your friends in the community online during the event. Expect to learn a lot by watching pros create artistic and technical works live. Expect to get an inside view into the minds of your favourite TouchDesigner artists as Matthew and myself guide you through the event and everything happening live. Needless to say, there’s something for everyone and you won’t want to miss it!

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How to compete or watch

Competing and watching are both simple! Go to the page for the Championship here where you can find more information on competing and watching. To compete, you need to fill out a short application form and submit a 1 minute video explaining why you’d like to take part in the Championship. Watching is just a matter of tuning into our Twitch channel live on July 11th from 12pm – 4pm Eastern time for the qualifying rounds and on July 25th from 12pm – 4pm Eastern time for the finals.

Big thanks!

We’re particularly thankful to our Premium Sponsors, Derivative and Notch, for supporting us with the resources to make this a great event. Without them, this event would be nowhere near as great or exciting as it is, so we can’t say thank you enough for their generous contributions. We want to send a giant thank you to The Championship’s Supporters: Azimuth Digital, Cocolab, Intus, SudoMagic, Feedback.Video, and Max Attwood & KMP. They’ve all supported The Championship in everything from graphic design, video production, streaming technology and infrastructure, and more.

Wrap up

We’re thrilled to announce The Interactive & Immersive Championship and are looking forward to putting on an amazing series of events for everyone. If you’ve been in the industry for a bit and want to show off your skills for a chance to win some amazing prizes, this is finally your chance to do so! See you soon!