The Interactive & Immersive Championship Compete

Compete in The Interactive & Immersive Championship

The first ever Interactive & Immersive Championship is over and it was awesome! Check back for updates on the next Championship, and watch highlights from the last one here:


The Interactive & Immersive Championship is a unique chance to get your name and brand recognized by thousands of viewers.


The winners will be recognized across our email list and social channels, as well as in an internationally syndicated press release. That’s to say nothing of the thousands of dollars’ worth of prizes the top 3 competitors will win.


If you’re interested in competing, you can apply by clicking the button below and filling out the application. Competing in The Championship is free!


Remember, you will need to be available on July 11th for the qualifying rounds, as well as on July 25th for the main event. On both days, you will need to be available from 11:30am to 4:30pm, Eastern Time.


Additionally, please note that the competition is available to individuals only – no teams.


Finally, we recommend that you have at least 2 years of TouchDesigner work under your belt if you hope to be successful in The Championship.