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Logo for "The Interactive & Immersive Championship" featuring a stylized cube with text and circuit lines on a black background, inspired by TouchDesigner elements.
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The only eSports event for interactive tech and media professionals will be LIVE on August 21st and 22nd starting at 12pm both days!
A bald man with a beard, wearing a white button-up shirt, is labeled as Elburz Sorkhabi, Co-founder of The Interactive & Immersive HQ and an expert in TouchDesigner. The image features a dark blue background adorned with geometric patterns.

The only live eSports event for interactive tech and media professionals


The Interactive & Immersive Championship pits top members of the TouchDesigner community against one another for the glory of showing the world their technical and artistic prowess.

Competitors who place first, second or third win thousands of dollars worth of prizes. These include TouchDesigner and Notch licenses, as well as a swag bag full of software and hardware provided by our sponsors and supporters.

The Championship is Proudly Sponsored by:

TouchDesigner by Derivative logo, featuring the brand name written in uppercase letters and a stylized touchdesigner design element to the left.
Black text saying "NOTCH" with an orange star-shaped design replacing the “O”, reminiscent of a touchdesigner's creative flair.

Industry experts, high-end developers, and well-known artists will be hosting, commentating, and judging the challenges as they are happening live. The hosts will be interacting with Twitch chat and answering viewer questions during the challenges.

The event will be broadcast LIVE This August 21st and 22nd at 12pm EDT both days!

If you’ve got a couple years of experience working with TouchDesigner, I strongly urge you to enter The Interactive & Immersive Championship.

It’s a unique chance to get your name and brand recognized by 1000s of viewers. Additionally, the winners will be recognized across our email list and social channels, as well as in an internationally syndicated press release. That’s to say nothing of the thousands of dollars’ worth of prizes the top 3 competitors will win.

Regardless of whether you compete, you will NOT want to miss The Championship.

This is a rare opportunity to get an inside look into how the pros build, optimize, and craft generative and interactive media using TouchDesigner and Notch. There will even be Q&A sessions for viewers to ask competitors questions during and after the competition.

Meet The Championship 2021 Competitors

A person wearing glasses and a hooded jacket is looking to the side. Text at the top reads "Tommy Etkin" and "Tekt, touchdesigner.
A headshot of a person with short hair and a light mustache, labeled "Stephen Cronin" with the text "visualssssssss" above, showcasing the innovative artistry possible through TouchDesigner.
A person wearing a cap and a dark shirt stands in front of a light background. The text above reads "George Galanakis radarboy3000," hinting at his expertise with TouchDesigner.
A headshot of a man named Roberto Gutierrez Palma, smiling and looking into the camera. The text above the image reads "Roberto Gutierrez Palma" and "Robert Photonic" beneath, showcasing his expertise with TouchDesigner.
Portrait of a person labeled "Rob McDonald" and "theRob," looking upward, wearing glasses and a dark shirt, set against a neutral background. The image subtly incorporates elements inspired by TouchDesigner for a modern aesthetic.
Person in camouflage clothing examining a spotted mushroom in the forest, possibly sketching design ideas inspired by nature. Text at the top reads "Owen Kirby".
A blurred, artistic portrait of a person wearing glasses, crafted using TouchDesigner, accompanied by text that reads "Morteza Ghahremanian Tormoz.
A portrait of a person against a grey background, with "Luke Hildreth" and "momersion" written above, created using TouchDesigner techniques.
A person identified as Kyle Meredith, also known as Kayem, is smiling with a scenic background that appears to be a river landscape, reflecting his creative journey with TouchDesigner.
A portrait of JP Kelly with the text "smallGod" displayed at the top. He has short hair, is wearing a checkered shirt, and a subtle nod to TouchDesigner in the background enhances the composition.
A person with glasses and a beard is seated at a table in a dimly lit room, with other people in the background. The text above reads "Jason Latta - Amazing Robot," hinting at his mastery of TouchDesigner.
Black-and-white portrait of a man with short hair and a beard, labeled "Dylan Roscover" at the top. The image hints at mastery in TouchDesigner through its intricate detailing.
A man with a beard and wearing a beanie and a black shirt with text. The shirt reads, "The Devil you Know Is Better Than The Devil you Don't." Text above reads, "David Joel Lajas, VJ Catalyst. TouchDesigner.
Portrait of a person with shoulder-length hair against a neutral background, enhanced using TouchDesigner techniques, with the name "Dan Rowan-Smith" displayed above the image.
Black and white photo of a man with a beard and long dark hair. Text above reads "Ben Benjamin" and below "webglol/touchdesigner.
Black and white image of a bearded man looking out a window, with text above that reads "Aristotle Roufanis – worksofar," highlighting his innovative use of TouchDesigner.

In order to win the tournament, competitors must prove themselves across three epic challenges .

Round One - 16 competitors

Challenge 1: The Sensor Challenge

In the first challenge, competitors will be required to pick their favourite interactive inputs and sensors (audio, mouse, keyboard, Microsoft Kinect, Leap Motion, Oculus VR controllers, LIDAR, etc) and create a compelling interactive scene within 90 minutes.

Challenge 2: The Integration Challenge

Competitors will have to pull out all the stops in their toolkit to combine TouchDesigner with any other real-time application to create an amazing piece of immersive media in 90 minutes. Competitors can utilize Notch, Unreal Engine, Processing, Ableton Live, and more.

Judge rank the competitors in each of the first two challenges and the top 8 average placements will move on to the final round.

Round Two - Final 8 competitors

Final Challenge: The Copy Cat Challenge

The finalists will be tasked with creating a brand new piece of real-time immersive media based on their favourite artist, whether it's van Gogh or Memo Akten. Competitors will need to use all their pro tricks and technique to achieve the most visually stunning and interesting generative piece that honours their favourite artist in 100 minutes!

The Prizes

1st Prize

  • TouchDesigner Commercial License
  • Notch Pro Builder License (1-year non-transferable)
  • Trophy to signify your achievements
  • 6-Month Subscription to The HQ PRO
  • 6 months of a SudoSignals Lite License
Estimated value: $3,200 USD
grand prize

2nd Prize

  • TouchDesigner Commercial License
  • Notch Base Builder License (1-year non-transferable)
  • 3-Month Subscription to The HQ PRO
  • 6 months of a SudoSignals Lite License
Estimated value: $2,100 USD

3rd Prize

  • TouchDesigner Commercial License
  • Notch Base Builder License (1-year non-transferable)
  • 3-Month Subscription to The HQ PRO
  • 6 months of a SudoSignals Lite License
Estimated value: $2,100 USD

More prizes to be announced soon!


Your Hosts

A bearded man with a bald head is smiling and wearing a white button-up shirt against a dark background, possibly conceiving his next TouchDesigner masterpiece.

Elburz Sorkhabi


Elburz Sorkhabi is the co-founder of The Interactive & Immersive HQ and one of the top TouchDesigner developers in the world. He brings insight he has used to lead clients including Google, Kanye West, Netflix, TIFF, Burj Khalifa, Nike, Under Armour, IBM, and many more. Elburz has deployed large-scale projects around the world from Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Montreal, Dubai, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, Scotland, and Paris.

A person with sunglasses, short hair styled to one side, and wearing earphones is resting their chin on their hand and looking at the camera outdoors, possibly pondering new ideas for TouchDesigner projects.

Matthew Ragan

Interactive System Designer & Media Maker

Matthew Ragan is an interactive system designer and media maker. His personal work explores the intersection of digital media, live performance, and interactive installations on scales both massive and intimate.

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