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Developing Large-scale TouchDesigner Projects

Developing like a TouchDesigner professional, not a pro This post is going to talk about a few things that seem unimportant or like side worries, but […]

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The secrets of being on-site

That on-site life We’ve all had our share of installation experiences, probably mostly comedic and crazy in nature. There’s constant chaos, shifting deliverables, mix-ups and confusion…and […]

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Optimizing in TouchDesigner

The difficulty of optimizing I did an online workshop focused on optimizing projects in TouchDesigner last week because I think it’s a hugely underdiscussed topic. Optimization […]

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TouchDesigner Optimization Online Workshop

New year, new initiatives For the new year, we’re going to be unveiling a few new initiatives. The first are regular online workshops. They will be […]

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On-site do’s and don’ts

What’s so special about working on-site? Working in your office and working on-site for an interactive project are two different beasts. I find it interesting that […]

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Laptops vs Desktops for Interactive work

What’s the best rig? A common question I see asked if “what laptop should I get for starting out with interactive work?” This can be a […]

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Debugging Hardware and Software Systems

Why even bother debugging? Debugging systems of any kind sucks. It’s a time consuming process with very little reward. There are no heroes in the eyes […]

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Immersive Installation Checklist

Prepping for an immersive installation You’ve got your team assembled. Everyone is ready to head to the installation site and get the complex system up and […]

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Why TouchDesigner Needed an App for Monitoring

The lost art of monitoring If we lived in a world where computers were 100% reliable, software (like TouchDesigner) was 100% bug-free, and hardware was standardized/always came […]

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