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Immersive Designers Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Still, need help finding a gift for your favorite immersive designer? Well, The HQ team is here to help. What makes a good holiday gift? It should make someone’s life easier but also something they wouldn’t think to get for themselves. We broke our recommendations into tech gear, lifestyle, and books. None of the products are sponsored; they are just suggestions and items we think folks in our industry would love to receive.

Tech Gear Gift Ideas

Remarkable 2

Starting $279

If your special someone often likes taking notes on paper and is always on the go. They would benefit from using a remarkable 2. It is an E-ink table with an E-book, notebook, and sketchbook all in one. It can make multiple folders within it, replacing any use for paper notes. The paper-like texture of the screen is what sets it apart. Since it is E-ink, the battery lasts for weeks, and the documents can easily sync through their Remarkable apps.

Immersive Designers Holiday Guide 2023

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700


Everyone works differently. For many, immersing in music can help keep one focus and drone out distractions. The Bose Headphones 700 is often ranked as the best noise-canceling headphones for 2023 and is built to last.

Immersive Designers Holiday Guide 2023

Sandisk Extreme Portable SSD

Starting $82

If the receiver works in tech, often they want more memory or an easy way to transfer memory. Sandisk SSD is small and light, ranging from 250 GB to 2TB in a small device. When transferring files on USBC, it’s super fast. If you want to give a personal touch to the present, save a text file with a friendly note inside it. They will think of you whenever they use it!

Immersive Designers Holiday Guide 2023

Laser Measurement Tool


People working on set or on-site often need to know measurements of places. Tape measures can sometimes be bulky (although we will have a tape measure recommendation later in this blog). Now, many small laser measuring tools are compact and inexpensive.

Immersive Designers Holiday Guide 2023

Smart Home Plug


Smart plugs have more uses than just turning lights with one’s phone. It can be an energy saver or valuable to automate mundane tasks, such as turning on a coffee maker before the alarm clock goes off. Give the gift of efficiency.

Immersive Designers Holiday Guide 2023


Topaz AI

Starting $199

If you or someone you know works in media, Topaz AI can be a fantastic application for your or their workflow. It is an AI software that can update photo and video content, denoise, and make a low-res file to 4k. The starting price is $199, but it’s a one-time fee with one year of updates (similar to TouchDesigner’s license model). We tested Topaz AI ourselves, and the results are pretty amazing!

Immersive Designers Holiday Guide 2023

Procreate Dream

$19 (Only available on iPad)

Procreate Dream is for someone who is a traditional frame-by-frame animator. Procreate is known for its drawing app, which provides paint-like brushes and textures. Now, they have an animation app that is disrupting the animation world. You can layer audio and video files. The app is only $19 with no subscription.

Immersive Designers Holiday Guide 2023

Lifestyle Gift Ideas

Moleskin 2024 Planner

Starting $21

Give the gift of organization. Any good agenda planner is good, but we recommend a classic—the Moleskin notebook.

Immersive Designers Holiday Guide 2023

Athletic Greens


Is the person you’re trying to give a gift for health-savvy? (You know who I’m talking about) AG1 is often considered one of the leading commercial nutrition supplements in the market. It’s not cheap, but it is also not cheap quality. Give the gift of health in 2024.

Immersive Designers Holiday Guide 2023

Loop Earplugs

Starting $25

Good earplugs are great for use on a plane, during a concert, or at a loud construction site. The loop earplugs are comfortable and made to last. They stay snug yet are also easy to take out. It also comes in a small case and’s easy to carry.

Immersive Designers Holiday Guide 2023

Customized Measuring Tape


Customized gifts are always a good touch. Why not an engraved measuring tape? It’s practical and personal; now you know someone won’t accidentally take it.

Immersive Designers Holiday Guide 2023

Sunlight Alarm Clocks

Starting $40

A sunlight alarm clock is also considered a tech device and a lifestyle item. One can range from anything from $40 to 200. Give the gift of a good night’s sleep, ditch the cell phone alarm clock, and have an alarm clock that imitates sunlight like how nature attended.

Immersive Designers Holiday Guide 2023

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Books Gift Ideas

The Creative Act by Rick Rubin


‘The Creative Act’ provides different ways to approach creativity. It’s an inspiring book for any creative. The audiobook is also calming and is delivered in a meditative manner.

Immersive Designers Holiday Guide 2023

Atomic Habits by James Clear


Do you know someone who always says being more productive is one of their New Year’s resolutions? Consider giving them the Atomic Habits. It gives good tips on habits to provide long-term changes and is easy and fast read.

Immersive Designers Holiday Guide 2023

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin


The only non-fiction book recommended. Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow. It takes the reader through the friendship between two video game designers. We especially recommend this book for people who appreciate 80s-early 2000s nostalgic video games. Yet even for people who aren’t into gaming, it provides a beautiful lens into how games can bring connection and haven for people.

Immersive Designers Holiday Guide 2023

Computer Engineering for Babies


Have you got a toddler or baby to give a gift to? Computer Engineering For Babies is an interactive book with two buttons and an LED light. It goes through basic computer logic gates. The book is intended for babies but can be a fun gift for all ages.

Immersive Designers Holiday Guide 2023


Those are some gift ideas we want to share with the community. You could also gift yourself something from the list.
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