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MidJourney Workflow Starter Guide

Rather than flipping pages on Pinterest for inspiration, what if you can give an AI bot what you’re looking for and have it provide you with something no one has seen before? This is the power of MidJourney’s AI/ML platform! This popular new tool is all the rage right now and this blog post takes you through MidJourney workflow, like your first steps with it and what it can do.

What is MidJourney?

MidJourney is a lab that allows users to generate images using AI, artificial intelligence. You may have seen some people posting a four-tiled picture and sharing some keywords describing the depiction. Well, most likely, that was AI through MidJourney. Users can give the Bot a prompt, and it will generate visuals from it. So what’s the deal? What makes this so unique? Well, these images are entirely original and generated within a minute. It’s accessible to the general public and can save time and effort in creating fresh content.

midjourney workflow
/imagine prompt: joy crystal sea

What is MidJourney used for?

There is an endless possible use for MidJourney: It is great for people trying to find inspiration, wanting copyright-free content, creating references for client decks, creating texture materials for 3D assets, and much more.

midjourney workflow
/imagine prompt: Alphonse Mucha style, poppy in long hair, women, linework

The Service

There are different AI labs available, yet MidJourney has been one of the more popular applications. It has a free trial version and additional tier subscription-based options.

In the plans below, each time amount is described in minutes and it takes approximately ~1 minute per image set. So for example, 25 minutes would be mean about 25 jobs / image sets.

MidJourney Free Trial:

  • price: free
  • fast GPU time: 25 minutes / lifetime
  • personal bot chat: no
  • private visibility: no


  • price: $10/ month
  • fast GPU time: 200 minutes / month
  • personal bot chat: yes
  • private visibility: for $20/ month
  • can give five friend invites


  • price: $30/ month
  • fast GPU time: 15 hours / month
  • personal bot chat: yes
  • private visibility: for $20/ month
  • can give five friend invites


  • price: $600/ month
  • fast GPU time: 120 hours / year (so this would mean ~7,200 image sets)
  • personal bot chat: yes
  • private visibility: yes
midjourney workflow

How to join?

There are two ways to experience the tool. In the Discord server and web app. You can find a gallery of your work and other users’ creations on the web app.

As of July 2022, MidJourney Beta requires people to apply for the service or be invited by another subscribed user.

MidJourney Workflow

Starting with a Free trial

After downloading the Discord app or logging in through a browser, you can join the server linked below. Then you can select one of the #Newbies channels from the sidebar.

midjourney workflow

To start a prompt, type in /imagine then press spacebar, tab, or enter to create a prompt field like below. Once you have the prompt field, you can type in whatever you like and hit enter again!

midjourney workflow

Wait as the MidJourney bot processes the request. The user will then be shown a 4 image grid with a few options below that are UI, U2, U3, U4, V1, V2, V3, V4.

midjourney workflow

The U is for upscaling, and V is for variation.

When selecting the U option, you can upscale the image to and if you want a variation of it or ‘Upscale to Max’. This process takes whichever of the 4 images you had above and provides you a much more detailed version of it (by upscaling it).

When selecting the V option, you’ll get variations based on that selection. The numbering corresponds to top-left (1), top-right (2), bottom-left (3), and bottom-right (4). Below is an example of upscaling one of the options above:

midjourney workflow

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Saving the Images

You can click on the image to have it full size and then right-click and choose ‘Save image’ to save on your local device. The image will automatically be visible in your website gallery.

You can also send your generated images to yourself by reacting with the✉️ emoji on the image.

The automatic image resolution is 1024 by 1024 pixels.

midjourney workflow

Note : there are PG -13 rules of content generator. Some words are banned, such as ‘lust.’

Common Commands

/imagine: creates images from text. Provides grid of 4 images in ~50 seconds

/info : shows information about your profile and plan, and usage

/invite: generate a link to send to your DM to send to someone to join the server. (limit to 5 invites per subscribed user)

/ideas : give some random ideas for prompt

/help : display bot options for handy references

/subscribe : get a link to the subscription page

/fast and /relax: toggle between fast and relax mode. fast mode will be incrementally billed, whereas relax mode does not cost but takes a long time to generate.

/private and /public: toggle between ‘private’ and ‘public’ mode if you want to hide your show your image in the gallery. (costs an extra $20/ month for private option)

Private mode hides images and prompts from the gallery. This might be useful if you’re doing a lot of client work and want to keep your generated content behind closed doors.

midjourney workflow
/imagine prompt: thick Granite texture columns, marble texture arches, High ceiling, 15th century building

Prompt Parameters

--w manually set the pixel width of images. (work better as a multiple of 64)

--h manually set the pixel height of images ( work better as multiple of 64)

--seed sets a random seed

--no exclude specific keywords from the prompt results, for example --no trees will remove any trees from the results

--video saves a progress video

--hd creates larger images, best for abstraction and landscape prompt

--aspect set a desired aspect ratio for exapmle --aspect 16:9

You can type these parameters after your prompt and separate them with a comma. For example here’s a prompt for meditative content with no humans:

/imagine prompt: meditation, peace, joy, water, --no humans

Resouces for Prompts:

Midjourney prompt resource


midjourney workflow
/image prompt: architectural space, pastel colors, geometric shape, arch windows, mediterranean style
midjourney workflow
/imagine prompt: pastel color tall waves, water cover whole frame, strong curves, organic shapes

What are the concerns of AI?

AI has been there for decades, yet the use of AI is expanding into a more diverse pool of industries. Questions of ethics, authorship, copyright, and ownership of creative content will still need to be explored. Having AI replacing jobs is a genuine concern. There are agencies replacing concept art teams with MidJourney. It will be a shift in the landscape of the creative industry. Where will the future hold? That we will have to wait to see.

MidJourney Workflow Wrap up

Whether you’re just starting your explorations of creative AI/ML platforms or you’re a seasoned veteran, MidJourney provides a lot of value in an easy to access package. Especially since there’s a free tier, I’d recommend everyone give it a try, if nothing else to know what is on the forefront of AI/ML-based creation tools. You might even end up using it more than a few times and incorporating it into your workflows or inspiration sessions! If you want to take your learning a step further, read all about the new version of MidJourney (version 4) here.