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Greetings, TouchDesigner developers! For today’s post we’re headed towards the visual side of generative art exploration. We’ve curated a selection of documentaries and videos that dive into the world of generative design and art, aiming to shed light on this creative domain and offer new perspectives and inspiration for your projects.
It’s important to note that generative art, while fascinating, is a nuanced and niche field, particularly when searching for visual media dedicated entirely to its study. Given the scarcity of documentaries focused exclusively on generative art, we’ve expanded our search to include a variety of sources. This approach allows us to compile a more comprehensive collection of visual media that, while diverse, converges on the core principles and innovative spirit of generative art.

Our Watchlist: From Art to Algorithm

Hilma af Klint: Beyond the Visible

This documentary uncovers the life and pioneering work of Hilma af Klint, whose abstract art predates that of her male contemporaries. Through her spiritual and visionary paintings, af Klint opens a dialogue on art’s connection to the mystical and the invisible, mirroring the concept-driven nature of generative art.

Sotheby’s Web Series on Generative Art:

This series offers a contemporary look into how artists are harnessing algorithms and code to forge new artistic expressions within the realm of generative art. Each episode provides a snapshot into the evolving landscape where technology meets creativity.


This engaging video from MoMA explores the dynamic between human creativity and artificial intelligence, highlighting how artists are leveraging, and sometimes challenging, machine learning in their creative workflows.

Marcel Duchamp: The Art of the Possible

Marcel Duchamp’s revolutionary approach to art, focusing on ideas over visual aesthetics, is the centerpiece of this documentary. It examines his profound impact on the notion of what art can be, echoing the foundational principles of generative art.

The Art of Code

This presentation makes a compelling case for coding as an artistic medium, filled with humor and surprising examples. It celebrates the creativity programming affords, pushing beyond its technical boundaries to explore its potential for beauty and expression.

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The Secret Life of Chaos

With a focus on chaos theory, this documentary reveals how the apparent randomness of the natural world follows underlying patterns. It draws a fascinating parallel to generative art, where complex beauty emerges from simple algorithmic rules.

Sisters with Transistors

This documentary spotlights the underrecognized women who have shaped electronic music, pioneering the use of technology in art. It’s a tribute to their innovative spirit, echoing the boundary-pushing ethos of generative art.

Wrap Up

That’s our selection of documentaries and videos at the intersection of interactive art, technology, and beyond! As creative technologists, it’s crucial to remember that inspiration doesn’t just come from sitting in front of a screen or tinkering with the latest software. It can come from anywhere — the organic patterns in nature, the structure of a city, or the sounds of an urban landscape. These films and series are just starting points, gateways to broader horizons of inspiration that remind us to look beyond our immediate environment and draw from the vast well of human creativity and technological advancement. Until next time!