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nVC2 – TouchDesigner drag-and-drop library

What is nVC2?

nVC2 is the nVoid Component Cloud. nVC2 is a drag-and-drop TouchDesigner component library made for both beginners and professionals, with a wide range of tools, visual effects, and utilities that will help beginners create impact quickly while also helping professionals in their daily workflows.

Why use it?

nVC2 grew organically because of many different reasons.

The first is that there are tons and tons of new users in the TouchDesigner world. Every year the community seems to grow by leaps and bounds and to help serve many of the new members of the community, nVC2 is first and foremost a drag-and-drop library. We want all of the tools, even the more complicated ones, to be easy-to-use and more importantly ready-to-go at a moments notice. No more digging around the forum for the best tool or seeing if you have anything in your Downloads folder. The nVC2 library is built to allow drag-and-drop development.

The second is that we have been releasing tools since the beginning of my TouchDesigner days.  But what I never did was actually use any of my (or anyone else’s) forum tools in any mission critical projects because they were often complex beasts that weren’t tested to the standard that I would be comfortable deploying for our clients. With nVC2, we wanted to build and support a library of tools that would be rock-solid so that even we could get a bit of a break on our projects!

I’m a big supporter of education, and often teach or write about TouchDesigner at my own expense. A tool that was released for fun/educational purposes would collect a bunch of bug reports and the unfortunate answer to those was always that “I have other s*** to do right now!” That’s not a pleasant answer! It also means we have a community full of aging tools that have varying degrees of bugs and interesting characteristics based on their age. nVC2 as a full library and subscription store gives us the structure, and frankly monetary incentive, to continuously keep our library maintained and growing with new tools/features.

nVoid is a premiere group of TouchDesigner developers and our prices are set to reflect our abilities, pedigree, and experience. We understand our pricing is outside of the range of a lot of companies, and we really do hate turning down gigs based on poor budgets, but it’s the reality of the working world. nVC2 aims to help fill the gap and provide companies just getting involved in interactive the tools they would need to program their own simple projects or prototype more complex projects. We think the value provided in the library has yet to be matched.

What’s included?

The nVC2 library is launching with 17 drag-and-drop components of all types. They include:

  • Weather API tools
  • Twitter searching and streaming
  • Different visual effects (VHS glitches, Rutt-Etra, painting filters, and more)
  • Serial-based projector controllers
  • High-performance compositing engines
  • and more!

Directly after launching (because launching a component store is extremely time-consuming), we’ll be releasing Instagram API tools, a TouchDesigner CMS, asset managers, project loggers, email/SMS notifications, and more. You can find our development roadmap in the FAQ of the store.

Get Our 7 Core TouchDesigner Templates, FREE

We’re making our 7 core project file templates available – for free.

These templates shed light into the most useful and sometimes obtuse features of TouchDesigner.

They’re designed to be immediately applicable for the complete TouchDesigner beginner, while also providing inspiration for the advanced user.

How much does it cost?

There are two purchasing options for the nVC2 library.

Dev plan – $10 per month

The Dev plan is meant for getting your projects done. With one subscription you can use this on as many of your personal/work internet-connected computers as you like. You’ll get access to our full library of tools as well as new features and bug fixes as they are released. nVoid and myself directly support our library and are providing fast turn-around times for bugs or unexpected component behaviours.

Deploy plan – $499 one-time purchase

The Deploy plan is made for getting your installations deploy. It’s for professionals who are using nVC2 in mission-critical environments, permanent installations, high-profile events, or anywhere else where you wouldn’t want functionality limited by a loss of internet. For these situations, you can make a one-time purchase of a node-locked, offline-functioning version of the full nVC2 library in it’s current working state.

Where to get it?

You can head to to get more details on nVC2’s available components, library features, pricing, and answers to frequently asked questions on our licensing.