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BootSequence greater than sleep

Over the last few weeks, Oriol Gasquez, and myself put together prototypes for a new SaaS (software as a service) we call BootSequence. It’s a useful tool that lets you build project infrastructure in a few clicks.

What’s project infrastructure?

Shared Google Calendars, projects on Asana, Dropbox/Google Drive shared folders, Trello boards, Slack channels, and Zapier zaps, that normally, some poor schmuck (usually me, ironically) would have to go through and setup. Not only would I need to set them up, then I’d have to go through everyone on the project and invite them to be shared on platform. You can tell I’m tired of that! So it’s a tool of necessity built from our own personal needs more than anything, and then polished up and bit so that other people could use it.

You can get more info here or follow us on Twitter.

But why?

Ok so you needed a thing, why not just make some scripts and call it a day? 2 main reasons drove us to build this:

A) Money (hopefully something 😀 ), and

B) Principles (mostly this one)

Making a couple extra bucks a month would be nice to offset some other projects we do where we don’t make any money, but the push to bring this out is because it kind of funnels a bunch of our core principles and thoughts into a tool. Some ideas that are important to us and that we believe in.

Principles of stuff

Talk is cheap.

People talk alllllllllllll day about this and that, and how they’re formulating the next big thing, or they could have done something better than someone else. My thought is always “Ya? Show me.” Talk is cheap. Anyone can do it, everyone does it (I’m guilty too), but only few rise above talk and execute. The people I choose to spend time with, associate with, and work with are people who execute. We talk about a thing, and before we finish the meeting, we figure out next steps and what needs to happen for this thing to happen, otherwise, frankly, we probably just wasted a bunch of time.

Talk is cheap. Do.

Intellectuals like doing lots of things at the same time.

This is something I never realized till recently, but it’s definitely the rule and not the exception. Time and time again, I find there are small pockets of people who are doing a ton of stuff, outputting a ton of work, and generally trying to make things better. Whether they are making web apps, kickstarting products, pushing boundaries in a number of fields, or anything really. We need to harness that attitude, and bring them all together so they aren’t small pockets working on their own.

Time is precious.

I only realize the value of time as more and more of it passes. Do you really want to look back and think “Damn, I spent a LOT of time setting up calendars and to do lists and dropbox shared folders”? I would be pissed if that was a reality for me (although it is a little bit, thus BootSequence). So how do we harness all the latest technologies and tools and tricks and everything to stop wasting time with monotony and start spending more time doing interesting things? This leads right into the next point…

Get Our 7 Core TouchDesigner Templates, FREE

We’re making our 7 core project file templates available – for free.

These templates shed light into the most useful and sometimes obtuse features of TouchDesigner.

They’re designed to be immediately applicable for the complete TouchDesigner beginner, while also providing inspiration for the advanced user.

Automation is a good thing.

If you want to stop wasting time on boring stuff, why not just get a computer to do it for you??? Seems simple enough. With all the easy to learn programming languages out there, you can pretty quickly get up and running and writing little scripts for yourself to help you get things done faster. There’s also amazing tools like Zapier for non-programmers (and lazy me) that let you setup little event-based workflows in the magical cloud. But those aside, I read a great article once that said if you’re working on something and not thinking about how to automate it, you’re setting yourself up to have a tough time scaling what you’re doing (the quote was shorter and worded better, but I can’t find the link…). So this has put me in the mindset of trying to automate anything and everything. Luckily enough, I know Python and writing quick little scripts is a piece of cake! Try it, it’s easy, and honestly even if you just used Zapier and other web tools, it’s an awesome mindset to get into.

Anything else?

Two final things:

  1. Check out BootSequence, or follow us on Twitter and let us know what you think!
  2. Full disclosure, name heavily inspired by ReBoot: