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The Interactive & Immersive Championship Results!

The Interactive & Immersive Championship was the first ever eSports event for TouchDesigner developers and it has finally come to an end this weekend. The event had 29 competitors who had to conceive and build beautiful TouchDesigner art live on-the-fly on Twitch for the chance of winning thousands of dollars in prizes. The competitors didn’t know any of the challenges before we started the events, which made for a lot of creative thinking on a tight timeline. The final round had competitors building amazing data visualizations using UFO data and creating art in the style of their favourite artists. After it was all said and done, we had our final point standings and the winners were announced. Ori Ben-Shabat, Dylan Roscover, and Ginger Leigh walked away as our first, second, and third place winners! It was an exciting event! Let’s dive into a few of the winning artists and the works from the second round!

P.s. if this is the first time you’re hearing about The Championship, you can learn more by clicking here!


First and foremost let’s drive through the top 3 winners and the winners of the two special prizes. Everyone did truly amazing works and we wish we could give all competitors a prize for entering. Based on their performance, consistency, and unique approaches to building their art work, the top three winners are:

  1. Ori Ben-Shabat (Creative Labs Israel)
  2. Dylan Roscover (The Experiential Company)
  3. Ginger Leigh (Synthestruct)

Congrats to our three winners, they really brought created amazing works of art in short time spans and no preparation time! Here’s a few of their works from the second round of the challenge:

Ori Ben-Shabat building a beautiful audio visualization in the reference of sci-fi futures.
Dylan Roscover’s real-time Kandinsky painting
Ginger Leigh (Synthestruct) building an amazing piece of art in the style of Ryoji Ikeda that had both audio and visual elements!

These are just a sample of the amazing works these three artists created. For all their hard work across The Championship, they’re taking home an amazing set of prizes:

Ori is being awarded with:

  • Notch Pro Builder License + Dongle (6 months)
  • TouchDesigner Commercial License + Micro Dongle
  • Custom Trophy to honour his achievment and declaring him the 1st Interactive & Immersive Champion
  • Trezor One Hardware Crypto Wallet
  • 6 months subscription to The HQ PRO

Dylan is being awarded with:

  • Notch Base Builder License + Dongle (6 months)
  • TouchDesigner Commercial License + Micro Dongle
  • 3 months subscription to The HQ PRO

Ginger is being awarded with:

  • Notch Base Builder License + Dongle (6 months)
  • TouchDesigner Commercial License + Micro Dongle
  • 3 months subscription to The HQ PRO

We congratulate all the competitors who put hard work and effort into The Championship, and a special congratulations goes to our top three ranked competitors Ori, Dylan, and Ginger. The prizes were provided by our amazing sponsors Derivative and Notch. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to award anywhere near as exciting a set of prizes for these amazing competitors.

Special prizes

On top of our main three winners, our sponsors Derivative and Notch provided even more licenses that were provided for competitors that brought something special to the table.

The recipient of the Derivative InterOP Prize is Harvey Moon. Harvey brought a lot of exciting technology to the challenges and always went above and beyond for the challenges bringing in interactivity and beautiful pre-viz even on challenges that didn’t require it. The InterOP prize is a choice of ONE of the below:

  • TouchPlayer Commercial License
  • 1 year updates for an existing TouchDesigner Commercial License
  • 1 year update for an existing TouchDesigner Pro License
Harvey Moon’s art inspired by Refik Anadol, built fully in less than 60 minutes including previz!

The recipient of the Notch Prize is an equally incredible artist Aristotle Roufanis of worksofar. Aristotle brought a beautiful aesthetic to every single challenge and always stressed visual fidelity and render quality across all of the challenges. Whether he was using Notch for that beautiful aesthetic, or implementing it in TouchDesigner, Aristotle always had visually striking work to show. The Notch Prize is a Notch Base Builder License + Dongle.

Aristotle Roufanis’s striking works that had many different elements and were always beautiful and striking.

A big congrats to Harvey Moon and Aristotle Roufanis for winning the special prizes and to our sponsors Derivative and Notch for their support and contributions to The Championship.

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What’s next?

We’ve officially finished The Interactive & Immersive Championship! It’s been a crazy ride for us to organize it and we’re glad everyone had a great time competing and viewing. There are lots of things you can do until the next Championship.

If you missed any part of The Championship, you can watch the recordings on our Twitch channel:

If you’d like to see behind-the-scenes from competitors on all the things they’ve built, interviews with Challenge winners, and more, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel where we’re posting all this content over the next few weeks:

If you enjoyed The Championship, we have a ton of merch you can grab with amazing designs provided by our supporters:

If you liked what you saw during The Championship we highly encourage you to check out TouchDesigner and Notch. They’re incredible pieces of software on their own, and when used together they can take interactive & immersive art to a whole new level. We use both of these tools together everyday when working on some of the largest experiences in the world and we know that you’ll love getting into both of them:

Wrap up

We can’t thank everyone enough for all their support to help us put on The Interactive & Immersive Championship. It was an amazing event that showed off the skills of so many amazing developers and brought the community together for a great fun event over the course of two weekends. We’ll definitely be running more of these events in the future so make sure you’re subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know!