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Useful GitHub Repos for Immersive Artists

In the rapidly evolving world of immersive media and creative coding, staying updated with the right resources can make all the difference. For immersive artists and enthusiasts, Immersive Artists GitHub repos have become goldmines of knowledge, inspiration, and practical tools. Whether you’re exploring the intricacies of TouchDesigner, dabbling in the realms of GLSL, or diving deep into Unreal Engine’s source code, there’s a repository tailored just for you. In this article, we curate some of the most invaluable GitHub repositories that every immersive artist should have bookmarked. Let’s dive in!

For Learning

Awesome Creative Coding by Terkel Gjervig

The Awesome Creative Coding repository is a curated list of resources for creative coding, including tools, tutorials, community resources and examples. It covers a wide range of topics, from generative art and data visualization to interaction design and immersive experiences.

The repository is a valuable resource for both beginners and experienced creative coders. Beginners can use it to learn about the different tools and techniques available, and experienced coders can use it to find new inspiration and resources for their work Making it one of the most complete Immersive Artists github Repos out there.

Introduction to TouchDesigner by Interactive Immersive HQ.

Centered around a detailed book crafted by Elburz Sorkhabi & nVoid Art-Tech Limited, the repository serves not just as a foundational guide but as a living, community-driven asset. The hands-on example files on the GitHub repo, are enriched with HD video tutorials on Vimeo. Rooted in the spirit of collaboration, it’s open-source, inviting community contributions and adaptations. Explore this rich GitHub repository and its associated content on Interactive Immersive HQ’s site

TouchDesigner Curriculum Examples by TouchDesigner

For those embarking on their TouchDesigner journey, Derivative offers a modular educational framework to simplify the learning curve. This repository is stocked with TOX files specifically tailored for the TouchDesigner Curriculum, serving both as standalone resources and integral components of the overarching curriculum. A highlight for beginners is “The 100 Series: TouchDesigner Fundamentals,” an in-depth course diving straight into the essentials. Whether you’re self-learning or teaching others, this repository offers a structured and comprehensive pathway.

Learning GLSL by Matthew Ragan

Delving into real-time media, the value of understanding shaders and GLSL within TouchDesigner cannot be overstated. Matthew Ragan, alongside collaborators VINCENT HOUZÉ and Mike Walczyk, offers a repository tailored for TouchDesigner 099. Each TOX file comes with a succinct readme, providing insights into its application and underlying research. It’s a concise guide for those aiming to grasp GLSL’s nuances in TouchDesigner.

Immersive Artists Github Repos

For diving into Generative Design

Generative Design in Processing by Generative Design

This repository is a continuation of the book, Generative Design. It provides users with direct access to the Processing source code detailed in the book, making it a practical resource for learning.

Generative Design in P5.js by Generative Design

The series progresses with this repository, which contains the source code for Generative Design: Creative Coding for the Web. It employs JavaScript in p5.js, a library designed to simplify web coding for artists, designers, and beginners.

Generative Design in TouchDesigner by TouchDesigner

For those using TouchDesigner, this repo presents a version aligned with the core concepts from the Generative Design book. The repository includes examples from the book, translated specifically for TouchDesigner users.

The Book of Shaders by Matthew Ragan

Matthew Ragan’s repository offers a bridge between the shader techniques highlighted in Patricio Gonzalez Vivo & Jen Lowe’s esteemed Book of Shaders and the TouchDesigner environment. For those adept at TouchDesigner’s nodal workflow, diving into raw shader code can seem intimidating. This repository eases that transition by converting the Book of Shaders examples into TouchDesigner GLSL. Each example is available as a standalone file, ensuring easy integration. While many shaders mirror their original designs, some have been modified for better compatibility, with clear annotations to guide users.

Immersive Artists Github Repos

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For unlocking the power of your tools

Epic Games GitHub

Beyond hosting the Unreal Engine’s source code, the Epic Games GitHub repository serves as an essential toolkit for UE developers. Its source code includes early features, offering a preview into Unreal’s evolving capabilities. The repository is also enriched with tools that ensure seamless integration between Unreal and 3D packages like Blender and Maya. There are also thorough guides on constructing Unreal from its source, making it an invaluable hub for both insights and practical resources.

Processing Foundation Github

The Official Processing GitHub Repository is a comprehensive resource for anyone venturing into the world of Processing. Beyond featuring all the pre-loaded Processing examples, it offers additional samples and thorough documentation to guide both new and experienced users. A standout element within this repository is the p5.js web editor. This platform facilitates the creation of p5.js projects directly from the web. But the repository’s role doesn’t end there; it also fosters a community-centric environment. Users are encouraged to report bugs, share insights, and contribute libraries, making it an interactive hub for learning, sharing, and collaboration in the Processing universe.

Immersive Web by Immersive Web at W3C

If you are looking to create Immersive work on the Web, this Github Repo has all the tools and examples you need to get started. Created from the union of the Immersive Web Community Group and Immersive Web Working Group at W3C, this Repo has not only tens of examples of code on how to use and integrate WebXR in your projects, but also work as a sort of palimpsest for the WebXR community where users can propose technologies worth developing as WebXR develops.

TouchDesigner Github

The Official TouchDesigner GitHub Repository. Apart from hosting the TouchDesigner versions of the Generative Design book and the comprehensive TouchDesigner curriculum, It includes every tool found in the palette. For those looking to seamlessly integrate TouchDesigner into broader environments, notable repos like TouchEngine_UE stand out. This tool empowers developers to embed TouchDesigner components within Unreal Engine, utilizing the TouchEngine API also available in the repository. Furthermore, developers can find valuable integration examples with Web React among others.

Troves of Treasure

Matthew Ragan Github Repo

We’ve already sung praises for a couple of Matthew Ragan’s repositories, and there’s a good reason behind it. Dive into Matthew’s GitHub and you’re in for a treat. It’s chock-full of examples, showcasing how to ingrate TouchDesigner with other software and how other generative art languages get translated into TouchDesigner. Among the standout resources is the “TouchDesigner Style Guide“. But what really make his repos stand out is the care he puts into documenting. His repositories are packed with readmes that are so clear and detailed, they often feel like mini-tutorials.

David Braun Github Repo

If you’ve ever stumbled upon David Braun’s GitHub repository, you’ll know it’s nothing short of a goldmine. While Matthew Ragan meticulously crafts content to make it TouchDesigner-friendly, David Braun takes a slightly different route, emphasizing on integrating TouchDesigner with an array of other tools and programming languages. One repository that truly stands out is “TouchDesigner_Shared“. This gem is organized meticulously, presenting complete optimized tools categorized by the type of operator they employ.


The world of immersive media is vast and ever-evolving. GitHub repositories serve as a nexus of collective wisdom, offering tools, insights, and inspiration for artists. Remember, the immersive community is generous, and many projects come with permissive licenses. However, always check the licensing for each project before diving in. This list is just a peek into the expansive universe out there. Happy exploring!