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Remote-RED with TouchDesigner

There are different ways to send values externally to a TouchDesigner network. You can use a different TouchDesigner network with a Touch Out or OSC operator or even an OSC output app, such as TouchOSC. Yet what if you want to use a web-based application to send values? This blog will give an overview of Node-RED and how to start using their tablet application, Remote-RED, to control a TouchDesigner network.
The Interactive & Immersive HQ already has a video guide on how to use Node-RED in TouchDesigner, so this blog will focus on connecting the tablet app, Remote-RED.

What is Node-RED?

Node-RED is a node-based program built upon NodeJS. It is like TouchDesigner for the web, where you can make simple applications using nodes in a browser. Although Node-RED isn’t the best for creating graphics, you can pair the web-based control panels with TouchDesigner for a more robust project workflow.

Remote-RED with TouchDesigner

What is Remote-RED?

Remote-RED is the Android and iOS application version of the Node-RED. If you have a project where you want to send and receive OSC values from a tablet without extensive coding, this can be a helpful workflow.

Remote-RED with TouchDesigner

Remote-RED vs TouchOSC

The benefit of using Node-RED vs a traditional OSC-sending application on a tablet is that the interface on Node-RED is more customizable, and one can also send OSC values to and from TouchDesigner rather than only accepting values. The two-way OSC stream can be helpful if you want live data displayed on a tablet interface or the performance of the TouchDesigner network displayed. Especially if that data is more complex or requires some additional parsing.

Get Started with Remote-RED

Follow the Interactive & Immersive HQ’s How to Connect Node-red and TouchDesigner in Under 10 Minutes video to get started with Node-RED.
Remember to use Node-RED; you will need to:

Remote-RED with TouchDesigner

Download Remote-RED

Remote-RED is available on both Android and iOS devices. It is free to download but may have subscription fees within the application.

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Remote-RED to TouchDesigner

Setting up Remote-RED in Node-RED

Like the OSC Node, Node-RED doesn’t have the Remote-RED node built-in. If you click the top right drop-down menu, select “Manage Palette.”

Under the ‘Install’ page, type in Remote. Install the package named “node-red-contrib-remote“.

Remote-RED with TouchDesigner

Once the Node is installed, you will see a Remote section in the left Node window.

Remote-RED with TouchDesigner

Drag and drop the ‘remote access’ Node into your flow.

Remote-RED with TouchDesigner

Double-click on the Node and click on the pencil icon on the Config line.

Remote-RED with TouchDesigner

Change the Server location to your region and click “Connect Remote-RED App.’
A QR code will appear.

Remote-RED with TouchDesigner

Remote-RED application

On your device, open the Remote-RED application. Select the ‘Add Node-RED instance’ option and scan the QR code.

Remote-RED with TouchDesigner

You will see a path on the application for ‘Node-RED UI.’ However, you will see the UI on your device once you Deploy the Node-RED Flow.

Remote-RED with TouchDesigner

You should be able to have the same UI created in Node-RED on your tablet or mobile device and send your data to/from TouchDesigner.

Remote-RED with TouchDesigner


This blog is a quick guide on how you can get started with Remote-RED with TouchDesigner. With this workflow, you can create a custom UI for your TouchDesigner project and send data from TouchDesigner to the Remote-RED interface. This process can be used for art installations, show controls, etc. How will you apply Remote-RED in your next project?