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Ask me anything – AMA

What’s going on here?

We’re starting a pseudo-AMA series. The goal is to achieve two things: share the wisdom of people near the top of the game, and share a little bit of fun. I can’t think of all the fun times I’ve had just chatting up a storm with colleagues and friends over little things that happened on a project or how we’ve got some new idea to totally revolutionize our work. These chats, as fun as they are, also hold a ton of informal wisdom that has been distilled and iterated on with the shared knowledge of a lot of high end developers, designers, integrators, and experts. We can often take for granted that the things we’re talking about might be useful to a broader audience and could help up the game of a lot of of other people.

So on the blog we’re going to start a series of reader driver AMA-style posts. I’ll receive questions and topics from readers like yourself, and then either tackle a bunch of them myself in a “quick-fire/first-impression” format or I’ll do a deeper dive on a topic with a guest of mine, where we have more of a conversation about the topic and our experiences around it.

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Who will be involved?

As I mentioned above, a split of the posts will be quick-take/rapid-fire AMA-style posts with myself. The other split will be with (obviously) some of the top TouchDesigner talent out there, but I’ve also talked to and invited a number of other professionals, including integrators, Unity developers, interactive designers, Processing developers, music composers, project managers, business owners/entrepreneurs/studio owners, and more. We’ll have a good mix lined up for you.

How to ask a question or suggest a topic?

Submitting a question is easy. Just open up your email, hit compose, and send your topic / question to:

elburz-ama ( at sign here ) nvoid ( dot ) com

That’s it! Once you send your topic or question, I’ll sort through them, tackle them myself or with my guest, and get you the answers you want. Stay tuned!