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Joaquin Habacon – The Machine Called Progress: An Interactive Animated Projection

Interactive projections and System design developed by Joaquin Habacon


We created an installation for the STEAM Awards ceremony in Ottawa, Canada at the Aviation Museum. The awards event celebrated the bright minds of our future in the categories of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math and what better way to decorate the event is to add an interactive projection utilizing technology.

Users physically participated by spinning mechanical wheels and standing on a large multi person scale that controlled the DMX lighting, sound effects, computer graphics and visual effects on the projection using midi sourced data provided by sensors. These interactions were the driving force in moving the narrative along. The amount of effects and transitions from the stages of technology were directly related to the efforts of the participants.

The narrative of the installation was the evolution of energy from steam to electric and then to nuclear.

The objective of the audience participants was to progress through each technological age by turning the mechanical wheels at the correct speed and direction and having the correct weight on the human scale.

The users had a great amount of fun knowing that they had full control of what was being projected on the screen as well as getting to the goal which was achieving the final technological age. The installation provided a fun interaction with a group dynamic.



Produced by 4Elements

Technical Direction by Simon Coulombe

Art Direction & Design by Alexandre Desjardins

Interactive Projections developed by Joaquin Habacon

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