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Elena Tilli – S.C.A.L.E.

S.C.A.L.E. (Sound, Color, Abstract, Light, Environment) by Elena Tilli


How do our senses drive us to explore and investigate the unknown?
Which ones do we rely on the most to find the “right” exit from the labyrinth?
The path seems to take us exactly where we want to go without getting lost, and our senses come to help when, all of a sudden, fear reveals to us the unwanted condition of being lost. Do we listen to our senses? Do we trust them?
In a reality where each of us wishes to be more and more confident in the goal and final destination, the exhibition hopes to take the audience on a journey in which the architecture and audiovisual design elements can guide toward a path of exploration of the surroundings. Through the interactive elements of the installation, participants will be able to break the equilibrium and discover new configurations and balances.
The auditory effect of natural reverb and the directional architectural elements played a central role in the design of the experience.
Sound elements develop from the piano and the speakers placed along the stairs, helping to convey a sense of lift, elevation. In addition, the voice of the soprano in the space brings the performance to a unique perceptive experience.
Lights directed to the top, blend with the texture of the wall to create a vibrant atmosphere, pointing at the image projected in the triangular shape, visible by looking up-center from any level, of one of the paintings of the gallery.
All the elements are transient and temporary, just a pinch of any of the lines placed along the staircase in the center, to hear a break in the sound, a change of colors of the walls and see a different paint at the top – to enter another environment.
S.C.A.L.E. is presented with the traveling power of the human voice as well as audiovisual elements surrounding the audience, in an environment, they can explore, change and finally own.

The system takes input from the pinch of the lines through a contact microphone placed at the end of each line. Through a Max patch, the signal is processed to send input to lights (dmx), sound (Ableton Live) and projection (TouchDesigner). TouchDesigner patch presents glsl operators calibrated with pixel sorting (by color-magnitude) which produces an effect of the deterioration of the picture in between one pinch and another as a feedback visual effect.



Elena Tilli – Projection and Media Designer – Elena is a dedicated, creative, innovative, loyal, ethical and highly motivated designer and engineer who aims to connect people senses through the artistic experience of visuals.

Liam Bellman-Sharpe – Sound and Media Designer

Camilla Tassi – Soprano and Media Designer

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