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Simon Alexander-Adams – Lucid Dreaming Interactive Pods

Interactive projections developed by Simon Alexander-Adams


Lucid Dreaming was an interactive photo op created by ARTECHOUSE for HP and Intel’s Lucid Dreaming photo op at Coachella 2019. Festival attendees stepped into a three walled space with floor to ceiling projections that reacted to their movement. The screens were translucent, allowing the participants to be photographed from the outside in full immersion. A short video of their interaction was emailed to attendees after their experience. Lucid Dreaming included three different visual systems that attendees could choose from. One allowed festival-goers to interact with columns of vertical ribbons. Another incorporated a slowly shifting Voronoi Diagram that was used to shape the form of a particle system. The last situated viewers inside a virtual lava lamp, letting them push and pull blobs with their motion.



Lucid Dreaming Interactive Pods presented at HP Coachella tent by ARTECHOUSE

Art Direction & Design & Production by ARTECHOUSE

Interactive projections developed by Simon Alexander-Adams

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