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Nisba Visual Label – Amazona Projection Mapping System

Projection mapping system created in Touchdesigner using 2D/3D animation and generative content.


This projection mapping system was created for «Amazona» a night club located inside the Movistar Arena in Bogotá, Colombia.

The system contains 15 scenes inspired in the Colombian amazonian rain forest, its animals, plants and spirits. This visual scenographies where made using a mix of 3D/2D animation techniques and generative contents, we used TouchDesigner for sequencing, coding and mapping the output of the contents that run constantly in a 5×4 meters surface of windows with reflective film.



Client: Indigo Entertainment, Movistar Arena Bogotá

Agency: Goldwing Concept

Design and coding: Giancarlo Orsi

3D Animation: Manuel D’´Macedo

2D Animation and compositing: Wu San Thys, Giancarlo Orsi

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