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Dylan Case Study

How The Learn TouchDesigner Career Accelerator Helped Dylan Bid on 7-Figure Project

If I was 18 again, I’d join Elburz’s Learn TouchDesigner Career Accelerator rather than go to college. In this industry, nobody cares about your degree. What matters is your portfolio, business skills, and ability to sell your services. This is exactly what you learn in The Career Accelerator – how to put together your best possible portfolio, hone your business skills, and sell like a badass. When combined with all the technical knowledge Elburz provides, The Career Accelerator is a no-brainer.”

– Dylan Roscover

For nearly a decade, Dylan has built a career focused on interactive tech and immersive media art installations with a focus on large-scale projection mapping. Like many in the industry, he found technology limited his ability to create work that reacted to user input in real time.


That was before he found TouchDesigner.


“I had an epiphany in 2012,” says Dylan Roscover. “TouchDesigner is where I want to go. That’s my future, and that’s what I want to be doing. It’s how I’m going to be able to create large-scale installations that react to user input in real time, and so there really was no other option.”


Fast forward to 2019, and TouchDesigner has become an integral part of just about every project Dylan works on.


Getting Serious About TouchDesigner


But as Dylan explains, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. “Because my background is more in animation and design, I’m a bit of an immigrant, I guess, to the Touch community, even though I’ve been using it all these years,” says Dylan. “Even though my career was advancing and the quality of the gigs I get has been increasing steadily, I felt as though things aren’t moving as fast as they could be. I often felt I was going in circles – both technically and business-wise – and that there was no clear path towards success.”


It was due to these challenges that Dylan decided to apply for the Learn TouchDesigner Career Accelerator.


“As soon as I learned about the Career Accelerator I thought, ‘I should probably do this because if I’m really serious about stuff, then the cost of the program should easily pay for itself in no time’ – and it has.”


Dylan Submits 7-Figure Proposal With Help from The Learn TouchDesigner Career Accelerator


“One of the main reasons I got into working with Elburz is to step up my ability to quote on and sell projects, and in this regard I feel like I’ve undergone a complete transformation. I’ve really improved my business skills, and my proposals are now much more likely to be met with enthusiasm and acceptance, rather than rejection – or worse, silence.”


“I submitted the largest proposal I’ve ever created. It’s a seven-figure proposal for just a huge project. And it’s been so invaluable having him [Elburz] as a resource. He’s really helped me understand how to price this project, as well as all the aspects and intricacies of negotiation.”


How to Get Paid What You’re Worth


After working with Elburz, Dylan quickly realized he was leaving money on the table. Dylan explains:


“A business partner of mine wanted to compensate me for bringing them on to a gig with me. And they’d initially offered one half of one percent of their take, and by talking through this with Elburz, we got that up to three percent. Had I not talked with Elburz about it, then that wouldn’t have made it into the negotiation.”


“I’ve had tons of scenarios like the above that have accumulated to transform my TouchDesigner business. And I don’t know where else I could have gained this knowledge and experience. You go to university and you learn, you get a liberal arts degree or something, you learn the principles and the philosophy of different subjects, but very seldom do they really go into the nitty gritty business stuff. And Elburz just does it with big, open arms, like, ‘Hey, here is what it is. Here’s the deal.’ And that honesty and that proclivity towards openness is so refreshing and I think really important and sets him apart from other instructors or courses or people who are offering TouchDesigner.”