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Unreal Engine 5 Essentials for Immersive Artists

Unreal Engine 5 Essentials for Immersive Artists

Create generative + real-time content, interactive installations, and professional immersive experiences with UE5

A workshop slide titled "Unreal Engine 5 Essentials for Immersive Artists" by Dylan Roscover. It features a desert landscape in the Unreal Engine 5 interface with various tool panels visible, seamlessly integrating insights that TouchDesigner users will find invaluable.

Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) is one of – if not THE – most in-demand skills in our industry right now

From building complex particle systems to photorealistic 3D content, stylized renderings, and reactive ray tracing lighting, there is no better tool for creating interactive and immersive content than UE5.

It also does all of this out of this straight out of the box.

Other tools, such as TouchDesigner, Notch, and Unity, can also be used to build this kind of work. But none hold a candle to the visual fidelity you can create with of UE5.

In fact, UE5 is the only tool that let’s you make generative, real-time content that looks like a AAA game without the use of other software.

Nobody is teaching Unreal Engine for Creative Tech

(why interactive tech and immersive media ≠ game development)

There are lots of resources out there for learning Unreal Engine 5. The problem is, they all focus on creating video games.

And creating video games is WAY different than working with interactive tech and immersive media:

  • Games typically have one input, such as a controller or keyboard/mouse combo. Immersive experiences rely on a variety of inputs, from buttons, sensors, cameras, and even audio software.

  • In gaming, the user (player) goes through a set of levels and/or areas, usually progressing in a predefined manner. In immersive experiences, the story is experienced in a more seamless fashion, like a film that takes place in the physical world around us.

  • Video games don’t have to talk to any other application besides an operating system. In contrast, Immersive experiences need to interface with the real world through a variety of physical instruments, as well as multiple applications.

That’s why we created our latest course, Unreal Engine 5 Essentials for Immersive Artists.

After finishing Unreal Engine 5 Essentials for Immersive Artists, you’ll have everything you need to integrate UE5 into your TouchDesigner and immersive art practice, just like the pros do.

Screenshot of a 3D modeling software interface, created in TouchDesigner, displaying a virtual gym scene with various exercise equipment like weights, benches, and machines along with interface elements and settings panels.

Unreal Engine 5 Essentials for Immersive Artists

A person with their eyes closed stands under blue and red lights, giving a starry effect on their face and surroundings, reminiscent of a TouchDesigner projection.

In this course, instructor Dylan Roscover, Design-Founder @ The Experiential Co., covers the following concepts:

Implement Niagara Particle Systems: Enhances visual storytelling by adding complex, interactive particle systems using complex noise patterns, dynamic colourization, and more. These are the same systems you can expand further into real-time VFX like fire, smoke, and more. Customizable parameters allow you to fine-tune each element for specific artistic or narrative objectives

Understand the Basics of UE5 Interface and Navigation: Equips you with the necessary skills to efficiently traverse and manipulate the 3D worlds you create

Communicate with UE5 through OSC from TouchDesigner: Facilitates real-time control and interactivity, enabling dynamic, responsive projects that combine the flexibility/control of TouchDesigner with the fidelity and content creation capabilities of UE5 from TouchDesigner.

Import 3D Models and Asset Sourcing: Knowing where to source high-quality 3D assets and how to import them into your UE5 environment can significantly improve the visual quality of your projects

Work with Cameras: Cameras are your primary lens into the 3D world, essential for framing scenes and controlling audience perspective of your experience

Create Blueprints and Logic Systems: Effective use of blueprints can allow you to build complex interactive systems where elements of your project are controlled by the user

Use Off World Live Toolkit: Allows for real-time video stream sharing between TouchDesigner and UE5, making your projects more versatile and interactive and allows you to take advantage of the video playback functionality of TouchDesigner or combine content streams from other apps/media servers.

Package Projects and Post-Processing: Ensures your work is presentable, professional, and package correctly and optimally. Post-processing enhances visual output and adds a professional level of polish to your work.

Work with Unreal Marketplace and Quixel Megascans Assets: Grants access to a broad range of pre-built assets and textures, which can speed up project timelines and elevate visual quality in a streamlined and efficient workflow.

Build Audio Systems in UE5: Enhances the immersive experience by delivering high-quality, spatially aware sound that can interact with the 3D elements in real-time.

"The idea of learning Python seemed too daunting until I took the TouchDesigner Python Pro Bundle course. After finishing the course, I feel I have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of Python for Touch, and it's completely transformed my artistic practice"
A bearded man in dim light stands by a window, casting a shadow on his face, with trees visible through the glass panes in the background. The scene feels almost like an intricate design from TouchDesigner, blending organic and digital seamlessly.
Aristotle Roufanis
Creative Director @ Worksofar

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People interact with a digital art installation crafted using TouchDesigner, featuring colorful projections of flowers and cascading lines. The immersive environment creates the illusion of a vibrant, dynamic landscape.

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