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Discover how the pros analyze audio and use it to create generative visuals in TouchDesigner

Can you imagine watching a movie (or playing a video game, or seeing a stage play) with no music?

How about no audio at all?
Without sound, all of the above would be rendered soulless.

The same can be said of interactive tech and immersive media experiences created in TouchDesigner.

From DJ sets to music videos to stadium gigs, audio is a critical part of our medium.

So whether you’re coming to TouchDesigner from a music and audio background or not, you need to understand how sound works in our medium.

Here’s what you get in The TouchDesigner Audio Pro Starter Kit:

Analyze audio like the pros

You need to be able to pull data from the audio spectrum and use it to create triggers. Sounds simple, tricky in practice. Use CHOP manipulation to pull kick and snare drum signals out of a full stereo track into TouchDesigner. Create a clean envelope, and then use these signals to generate beautiful graphics. These CHOP techniques are often intimidating to new artists – we show you how to set them up with just a few operators.

Create beautiful content generated by audio all in real-time

This is the beautiful meld of visuals and audio we’ve seen the likes of Max Cooper and Richie Hawtin, as well as installations like the Immersive RYOJI IKEDA exhibition. It’s (literally) what TouchDesigner was made for.

Create a visualizer based on your drum tracks

This works with the kick drum and acts as a springboard for any further content you can think of. You’ll also learn how to use NVidia flow smoke simulations that release smoke every time the snare drum hits. And it all ties together with a TOP Feedback network.

Setup a professional TDAbleton instancing workflow

This lets you drive the functionality of your TouchDesigner generative content with Ableton data, and vice-versa. You’ll also build a UI in TouchDesigner that will let you send and control data in Ableton. Sending data between a massive Ableton environment and TouchDesigner can get messy, even for professionals. But when you get it right, it’s gold. Being able to create music in Ableton using your visuals is extremely satisfying as an artist (and your clients will love it).

The training and examples in the Starter Kit will guide any TouchDesigner developer through learning fundamental techniques and skills while building content environments that are a great starting point for your portfolio. I hope you find them useful!


Elburz Sorkhabi

Co-Founder, The Interactive & Immersive HQ

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