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Get The Core Camera FX Pack for TouchDesigner Developers

Customizable Camera Effects Battle-Tested Across 100s of Real-World Gigs by Top Industry Pros

Whether you’re working at a concert, art installation, or gig for a retail outlet, having high-quality camera and video effects tools, presets, and templates is critical for creating beautiful work your clients will love.

That’s why we’re giving you our Core Camera FX Pack for TouchDesigner Developers, absolutely free. Created by world-class TouchDesigner developers, these camera FX project files have been battle tested on 100s of gigs.

    Get These 7 Camera Effects in Our Core Camera FX Pack for TouchDesigner Developers:

    A person wearing a winter hat is gesturing energetically in a TouchDesigner video editing software interface. The screen displays multiple views and settings for fine-tuning the video.

    Slit Scan Effect

    This classic time displacement effect makes everything look elastic, stretchy, and “wobbly.” Ours works with just 3 operators, so it’s super easy to customize.

    The TouchDesigner interface showcases vibrant, colorful abstract artwork featuring people celebrating with raised hands and splashes of paint. Several editing tools and adjustment panels are visible, offering dynamic control over the creative process.

    Paint Stroke Filter

    Take any video or image and immediately apply a paint stroke effect to it. From making your content look like a painting to obscuring backgrounds or facial details, this tool is a must-have..

    A computer screen displaying image editing software, likely TouchDesigner, with multiple kaleidoscopic reflections of people. The interface shows various editing tools and a preview window, capturing the creative possibilities of digital artistry.

    Kaleidoscope Filter

    Completely customize this crazy kaleidoscope filter with built-in automatic rotation features and intuitive options to increase and decrease geometric complexity.

    A digital interface powered by TouchDesigner displays a vibrant, multi-colored light installation with purple, red, and blue hues. Multiple preview screens are visible, showing the control settings of the light display.

    Bloom Filter

    Give your generative content a sweet, super-highlighted aesthetic with our take on this industry-standard tool. Bloom filters can often be difficult to use. In contrast, ours looks great right out of the box and is easy to customize.

    A computer screen displays video editing software with multiple windows, seamlessly integrated with TouchDesigner. The main screen shows a laughing man wearing a hat.

    Toon Shader

    Get a fun, hard-colour comic book look with the push of a button. Then dial it in and mix-and-match with other filters to get a unique look.

    A digital interface shows vibrant, multicolored abstract visuals and effects being edited and processed on a computer screen using TouchDesigner. Several editing panels and tools are visible.

    Rutt/Etra Effect

    An effect which generates geometry based on the brightness inside your image or real-time video feed. Ours comes in three flavors: retro, solid mesh, and particle mode.

    A man wearing a winter hat is seen with his hands raised in a video editing software interface, likely TouchDesigner, showing a normal image on the left and a glitch effect on the right.

    VHS Glitch Effect

    Travel back to the 90’s by splitting RGB channels and displacing cuts to get this broken VHS tape vibe. Super nostalgic, pairs well with generative content.

    Download The Core Camera FX Pack For TouchDesigner Developers, FREE

    “These camera effects have been a hugely important part of my TouchDesigner work for the last decade. I know you’ll find them as useful as I have!”
    A bearded man with a bald head is smiling and wearing a white button-up shirt against a dark background, possibly conceiving his next TouchDesigner masterpiece.
    Elburz Sorkhabi, Co-Founder, The Interactive & Immersive HQ