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As a Thank You for downloading you free copy of my Project File Templates, I’m offering one of my best TouchDesigner tools, Stalker, for 80% off. Stalker is the only process manager designed specifically for TouchDesigner.

Get Stalker, The Only TouchDesigner Process Manager For $10 (Regular $50)

What is Stalker?

Anyone who’s used TouchDesigner before knows that it’s taxing on your computer hardware, so much so that it often causes projects – and your installation – to crash.


Without a process manager, it can be difficult-to-impossible to determine why your installation crashed. At best, you’re rebooting your project regularly and spending hours trying to debug errors. Worst case, your installations fail entirely.


That’s why I created Stalker. Stalker is an automatically configured process manager designed exclusively for TouchDesigner.

  • Stalker automatically restarts your project, minimizing downtime and impact on client.
  • Stalker was built directly in TouchDesigner. This lets it auto configure to handle as many TouchDesigner applications on the same computer as you need it to.
  • Unlike other process managers, Stalker logs TouchDesigner-specific processes leading up to a crash. Stalker logs the stats of every TouchDesigner application you have running and combines them into JSON format, providing you with a detailed, unified log of everything happening on your computer.
  • Stalker also creates a separate log for TouchDesigner applications that crash, providing visibility into specific incidents.
  • None of the Stalker components are locked. This lets you easily create and send event-based notifications to yourself; create custom events in the crash log; and access the code and my comments for educational purposes. Using my source code, you can even create your own features and customized process monitoring tool.

I built Stalker out of necessity, and it’s served me well for nearly a decade. I hope it helps you as much as it has me!

Get Stalker, The Only TouchDesigner Process Manager For $10 (Regular $50)