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Get Stalker – The Only TouchDesigner Process Manager – FREE

Anyone who’s used TouchDesigner before knows that it’s taxing on your computer hardware, so much so that it often causes projects – and your installation – to crash.


Without a process manager, it can be difficult-to-impossible to determine why your installation crashed. At best, you’re rebooting your project regularly and spending hours trying to debug errors. Worst case, your installations fail entirely.

Enter Stalker. Stalker is an automatically configured process manager designed exclusively for TouchDesigner.

  • Stalker automatically restarts your project, minimizing downtime and impact on client.
  • Stalker was built directly in TouchDesigner. This lets it auto configure to handle as many TouchDesigner applications on the same computer as you need it to.
  • Unlike other process managers, Stalker logs TouchDesigner-specific processes leading up to a crash. Stalker logs the stats of every TouchDesigner application you have running and combines them into JSON format, providing you with a detailed, unified log of everything happening on your computer.
  • Stalker also creates a separate log for TouchDesigner applications that crash, providing visibility into specific incidents.
  • None of the Stalker components are locked. This lets you easily create and send event-based notifications to yourself; create custom events in the crash log; and access the code and my comments for educational purposes. Using my source code, you can even create your own features and customized process monitoring tool.
A man with a beard and a serious expression, wearing a blue suit and white shirt, stands in front of a dark, textured background. The composition has an almost TouchDesigner-like precision to its intricate details.

I built Stalker out of necessity, and it’s served me well for nearly a decade. Now, hundreds of TouchDesigner professionals rely on Stalker as a staple for their TouchDesigner installations.


Download Stalker now – your TouchDesigner installations will benefit greatly!

Elburz Sorkhabi, Co-Founder, The Interactive & Immersive HQ

Get Stalker, The Only TouchDesigner Process Manager For Free