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The Interactive and Immersive HQ PRO is an essential tool for new and experienced TouchDesigner creators who want to take their practice to the next level.

Matthew Ragan

Cofounder at SudoMagic

Learn TouchDesigner 10x Faster Through Our Training Platform

Want to create installations that use GPU particle systems, volumetric lighting, and multi-composite operators?

How about build dynamic 3D interactive installations that can scale to multi-touch and virtual reality without changing anything about your setup?  

Or maybe you just want to get clients who pay you $1,500 a day for your services (with the right skills, this is very realistic).

All of this is available in The Interactive & Immersive HQ PRO training platform, where instructors like Elburz Sorkhabi and Matthew Ragan share everything you need to become an in-demand, world-class TouchDesigner developer. 

The training we provide is probably different from anything you’ve ever seen. That’s because most TouchDesigner resources focus solely on content creation. We go deeper, covering technique, systems engineering, hardware and software integration, application development, and business skills, in addition to how to create beautiful content.

When we say deep, we mean it – our training platform consists of over 50 full courses (120+ hours of content).

Through The HQ PRO training platform, you’ll get the skills you need to create high-end, big-budget projects in the real world – not just make pretty projects in your basement. And you’ll develop these skills 10x faster than you would if you were trying to learn on your own.

Get 50+ Full Courses in The HQ PRO Training Platform

Take on more advanced projects and reduce development cycles with the streamlined, collaboration-focused project architectures the pros use.
Eliminate tearing, stuttering, and judder, choose the perfect hardware for your installations, and get the undocumented nVidia Quadro driver tuning settings Derivative and nVidia don’t tell you about.
Retail Price: $125
Included with Membership
Create 3D installations on a massive scale, work with high-density point clouds using sensors, and manipulate complex geometry in real time for truly interactive, large-scale immersive projects.
Retail Price: $125
Included with Membership
Learn how to create playback systems, state machines, network controls, algorithmic systems, decision trees, and customize EVERY aspect of your TouchDesigner installation with Python.
Retail Price: $125
Included with Membership
Discover the workflows, techniques, and instancing geometry you need to build physics simulations in TouchDesigner.
Create real-time 3D graphics that are extremely high quality in Notch and control and command it inside of TouchDesigner as if it was native content.
Build particle systems with Niagara, communicate between TouchDesigner and Unreal Engine using OSC and TCP, send textures using NDI and Spout, and build your own content environments in Unreal Engine while interacting with them from TouchDesigner.
Retail Price: $125
Included with Membership
Build streaming and control user interfaces, integrations with outside platforms for stream ingestion, collaborate through private networks, and stream live to the web directly from TouchDesigner and other industry standard tools.
Retail Price: $125
Included with Membership
Discover the entire projection mapping pipeline, from from content creation all the way through projector setup and calibration, as well as 2D masking with KantanMapper and 3D mapping with CamSchnappr.
Train installations to recognize faces, generate landscapes with millions of data points, create style transfers that look like a Monet, enable limitless skeleton tracking and more with machine learning.
Analyze audio across time and frequency domains and enable extremely clean signals that let you create stunning visualizations and control your project however you want.
Get everything you need to take your interface and control mechanisms to the next level, including touch-based interfaces, traditional MIDI-connected devices, and advanced configurations and approaches for bidirectional communication between controllers and TouchDesigner.
Retail Price: $125
Included with Membership
Create and optimize professional-grade UIs like interactive panels, turntable additions for live shows, and customizable remote controls that scale seamlessly and look beautiful.
Retail Price: $125
Included with Membership
Learn how to pitch and price projects, understand and negotiate contracts, and develop the business skills and savvy necessary to earn top-dollar using your TouchDesigner skills.
Retail Price: $125
Included with Membership


With new courses added every month.
Retail Price: $4500
Included with Membership

Ask Elburz and Matthew Ragan Anything, Anytime in The HQ PRO Community

Need urgent help with a gig?

In The Interactive & Immersive HQ PRO, you’ll have one-on-one, unfiltered access to Elburz Sorkhabi and Matthew Ragan every single day. These two have been in the industry for over a decade creating large-scale installations for brands such as Google, Kanye West, AT&T, Salesforce, and Nike.

Have a specific technical challenge you can’t seem to solve?

If you normally go to forums and public help groups for guidance, you know that you’re not guaranteed to get an answer. And when you do get help, it’s often incomplete and from a source that may or may not have professional experience working with TouchDesigner.

Looking for career advice and mentorship?

In The HQ PRO, our coaches answer every single one of your questions. Discussion threads often span multiple paragraphs, delving deep into the issue at hand so that you not only get a solution, but that you understand the solution and how to solve problems like this going forward.

You’ve come to the right place.

In addition to working with Elburz and Matthew, you’ll be joining an exciting community of over 120 other TouchDesigner pros eager to share knowledge. It’s a place for all of us to get above the noise and have high-level TouchDesigner conversations.

Join Accelerator Sessions, Live Workshops with World-Class Professionals, Twice per Month

Want to transfer the secrets of world class TouchDesigner developers directly to your brain?

That’s the idea behind the “Accelerator Sessions.”

Join us for twice-monthly workshops with some of the best TouchDesigner developers in the business.

Dubbed “Accelerator Sessions,” these masterclasses feature top TouchDesigner pros sharing their best strategies, secrets, tools, and tricks they’ve gained over years of working on world-class projects. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions at the end of every session.

Meet The Accelerator Coaches

Noah Norman

Chief @ Hard Work Party

Ian Shelanskey

Interactive Engineer

Josue Ibanez

Founder @ Cocolab

Hal Lovemelt

CEO @ Feedback.Video

Matthew Ragan

Co-Founder @ SudoMagic

Santiago Russek


The Only Certification Program for TouchDesigner Professionals

If you’ve ever wished there was a college or university program tailored specifically to our industry, you’re not alone.

That’s why we created our certification program.

Each certification provides unparalleled depth of knowledge into a specific domain of TouchDesigner and interactive & immersive tech and media.

  • No fluff, no filler – just the concepts you need to know and the skills most sought-after by employers (which happen to be the skills most aspiring pros lack).
  • Better than college and university programs, which are normally outdated before they begin and are 10-30x the cost of a year’s subscription in The HQ PRO.
  • Get a digital badge for each certificate that will set you apart from the competition when applying for gigs.

Each certificate requires the completion of an exam that consists of both written and practical components.

Once passed, you will be given a certificate that can be displayed on LinkedIn and our job board, as well as on your CV when applying for gigs and jobs.

The Interactive & Immersive HQ PRO Certifications

Develop a strong understanding of the fundamentals of TouchDesigner, the six operator families, and real-time generative content creation. Perfect for beginners looking to start their TouchDesigner careers on the right foot.
From the basics of object-oriented programming through decision trees, callbacks, loops, modules, and extensions, you’ll learn how to control, customize, and scale every aspect of your TouchDesigner projects using Python.
Create stunning content, operate and scale projects and live installations using the combined power of Unreal Engine and TouchDesigner. You’ll get industry best practices that few other developers have, putting you far ahead of nearly everyone else in the field.

Get the Battle-Tested TouchDesigner Template & Tool Pack

When you join The HQ PRO, you’ll get over 20 custom-made TouchDesigner tools and 100+ project files and templates that have been refined over the course of dozens of gigs.

Developed as a result of decades of combined experience by seasoned industry pros, the Battle-Tested Template and Tool Pack is now used by hundreds of professional TouchDesigner developers.

These field-tested production tools, project file references, workflows, and templates form the foundation of our TouchDesigner practice. We rely on them to support and enhance all our professional projects – now you can, too.

Drag-and-drop high-performance filters that give your projects an Aesthetic edge without any extra work on your part. Filters include bloom, VHS tape glitch, paint stroke, toon shader, Rutt-Etra, and more.
Retail Price: $27
Included with Membership
Production-grade 8- and 16-input tool for ultra-quick compositing with extremely high GPU performance. Easy to access parameters let you crop, position, and scale input textures on all the inputs without needing tons of operators.
Retail Price: $27
Included with Membership
Access search and streaming data from Twitter API efficiently and use it in real-time in TouchDesigner – All you have to do is provide your API keys!
Scrape all the images from a user’s feed and brings them into TouchDesigner without requiring Instagram API credentials
Take keyframe tracks from After Effects and convert them into native TouchDesigner Animation COMPs that play back and manipulate your keyframes in real time.
Retail Price: $27
Included with Membership
All permanent installations need a process monitor. Stalker ensures that your project is always up and running and never faces downtime.
Working on remote or virtual productions and need a console that you can use as a starting point for creating your own custom broadcast desk? Look no further.
Includes common audio analysis examples such as isolating kicks and snares from a track as well as how to visualize audio like a spectrogram
Pro templates and examples include creating basic composite shaders, conditional statements, multiple colour buffer routing, 3D point manipulation, manipulating points with noise, instancing Kinect 2 data, and creating GPU particle systems.
Retail Price: $27
Included with Membership
Includes basic referencing, expressions, control flow, callbacks, list comprehensions, Python storage, extension building, sending emails, sending SMS, logging, and more.
Get up and running with Kinect 2 instantly with our Kinect usage templates such as drawing with hand positions, instancing based on skeleton joints, deforming meshes using depth data, and green-screening with the player index data.
Retail Price: $27
Included with Membership
Examples and templates on setting up bullet physics, using different kinds of forces, instancing in a simulation, creating constraints between objects, and using Python callbacks for the ultimate physics interactions.
Make your TouchDesigner renders look stunning with templates and examples of shadows, depth of field, environment lights, PBR setups, and common render pass compositing uses.
Our SOP templates help you get started with drawing graphs using SOPs as well as creating particle systems that use forces, metaballs, attractor geometries, and more.


Used by hundreds of professional TouchDesigner developers.
Included with Membership

Your 7-Day Free Trial, Zero-Risk HQ PRO Guarantee

We believe so strongly that The HQ PRO can change the lives of TouchDesigner developers that we’ll give you access to EVERYTHING we have to offer completely free for 7 days.

For complete beginners, we feel that The HQ PRO is the only program that can help you build a career where you work on projects you love while getting paid 6-figures.

For intermediate and advanced professionals, The HQ PRO offers you an exclusive opportunity to hone your skills, solidify your expertise, and take full control over your creative and professional life.

Because we’re so confident in The HQ PRO, we’re giving everyone who signs up for the 7-Day Free Trial our Battle-Tested Template and Tool Pack, FREE to keep forever. Developed as a result of decades of combined experience by the likes of Elburz Sorkhabi and Matthew Ragan, the Template and Tool Pack is now used by thousands of professional TouchDesigner developers. The Pack consists of over 20 custom-made tools and over 100 project files and templates.

Sign up today, watch as much of our training as you like, and ask as many questions as you like in The HQ PRO Community, and download our Battle-Tested Templates and Tools. If you don’t want to stick around after 7 days, no worries – just cancel your subscription (it’s easy) and you won’t be billed.

Hal Lovemelt CEO @

The Interactive & Immersive HQ PRO team uniquely takes on the seemingly mundane but ultimately very important micro lessons woven into the macro techniques of interactive design which makes for a highly productive and holistic approach to learning. Their attention to detail, sense of humor, and worldly perspective on the industry makes them the perfect teachers.

Landon Thomas Interactive Engineer @ Obscura Digital

The HQ PRO coaches have been an essential guide for me in this exciting and growing industry. They demystified many of the inner workings of TouchDesigner in my early days and have come in clutch with solutions on a number of high-profile installations.

Noah Norman Chief @ Hard Work Party

When it comes to TouchDesigner, The HQ PRO teacher’s names are often mentioned in the same breath with the authors of the program. Despite their mastery, they understand the confusion that can come with encountering complex topics for the first time. They are natural teachers, they’re funny, and they’re easy on the eyes.

The Interactive & Immersive HQ PRO

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  • Access The HQ PRO Training Platform, which contains 45+ Full TouchDesigner Courses (Over 120 Hours of Content)
  • Join 150+ TouchDesigner Developers In The HQ PRO Community, Where Our Coaches Answer Questions Daily
  • Attend 2 Live Group Coaching & Mastermind Calls Per Month
  • Download The Battle-Tested TouchDesigner Template & Tool Pack (100+ Tools, Project Files, and Templates)
  • Get The Only Formal Credentials Available for TouchDesigner Professionals Through Our Certification Programs
  • There’s No Commitment – Cancel Anytime