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With The TouchDesigner Audio Visualizer Workshop
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Have you ever been to a concert or live event that captivated your senses with stunning audio-reactive techniques and content...

Or watched a movie that melded sound and visuals so perfectly, it was like witnessing a beautiful dance?

In this interactive media era, combining sound and visuals isn’t just a trend – it’s the norm. Whether you’re working on audio-visual performances or permanent installations, mastering audio-reactive projects has become an industry mandate.

That’s why we created our TouchDesigner Audio Visualizer Workshop – a practical, comprehensive learning experience designed to elevate your audio and immersive design skillset and turn you into a coveted asset in the industry.

Silhouetted musicians perform on stage with a large screen displaying TouchDesigner-generated geometric shapes in the background. The scene is framed by scaffolding and dramatic lighting.

Learn audio once, the right way – from the pros

A man with a bald head and a beard, wearing a white shirt, smiles at the camera against a gray gradient background reminiscent of TouchDesigner visuals.

In The Audio Tripwire Course, instructor Elburz Sorkhabi covers the following:

Design a visual feedback network to add depth and interest to your content. This skill alone can take your content from flat to multidimensional, providing a level of intrigue that makes your work stand out.

Start working with Nvidia Flow smoke simulations. We break it down into easy, manageable steps, allowing you to integrate audio-reactive smoke simulations into your projects confidently.

Build audio analysis networks using CHOPs. Transform live or pre-recorded audio signals into smooth triggers, ADSRs, and envelopes that can be incorporated into your artworks.

Create an efficient instancing setup using SOPs, CHOPs, and TOPs. Generate GPU-accelerated content that's not only great-looking but also highly responsive to audio data.

The idea of doing GLSL shaders seemed too daunting until I took the God Mode 101: GLSL Foundations course. After finishing the course, I feel I have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of shaders, allowing me to edit preexisting ones and build my own from the ground up
A person with long dark hair is smiling, wearing a light pink collared shirt, and facing the camera against a plain white background, effortlessly embodying the creativity and sophistication often seen in TouchDesigner projects.
Crystal Jow
Experiential Media Artist

By mastering these skills, you will not only enhance your personal artistry but also make yourself more desirable to employers in this ever-evolving industry.

Take your career and creative prowess to the next level with the TouchDesigner Audio Visualizer Workshop. It’s time to make your mark in the interactive tech and immersive media industry.

A large crowd enjoys a lively concert with bright stage lights and smoke effects under a geometric ceiling, all enhanced by TouchDesigner visuals.

Right now, you can get “The TouchDesigner Audio Visualizer Workshop for $27

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