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How to Spec a TouchDesigner PC

We’ve been asked the same question before: “What kind of PC do you need for this installation?” Most of us have also felt that same feeling […]

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Blob Tracking Tricks in TouchDesigner

Something I hear often is the difficulty in doing TouchDesigner blob tracking. “It’s too slow!” or “the tracking isn’t working!” or “I don’t know how to […]

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The Importance of Discipline

Hot topics on hot topics! Discipline. One of the most important attributes to being successful in competitive industries yet I never hear anyone come up to […]

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The Maths You Should Learn for TouchDesigner

You’ve no doubt been knee-deep in a TouchDesigner project and found yourself thinking “Ugh, I wish I knew a bit more math, this would be a […]

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TouchDesigner Python Tricks

Why are TouchDesigner Python tricks so useful? Not to sound obvious, but all tricks are useful. Python tricks can be especially useful because they can keep […]

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GLSL terms you need to know for TouchDesigner

Why GLSL in TouchDesigner? GLSL is an awesome tool to use in TouchDesigner. Period. It essentially allows you to create your own TOP operators which a […]

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Get the most on low budget TouchDesigner installs

How to get the most out of your budget TouchDesigner installation I know over the years I’ve been adamant about using only the best gear you […]

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TouchDesigner CHOP Shuffling Demystified

TouchDesigner CHOP Tongue Twisters TouchDesigner is one of the most powerful softwares around in the field of interactive technology and immersive media. The amount of different […]

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