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Knowledge from the Learn TouchDesigner HQ Community

Where’s this knowledge from? As many of you may know, I’ve recently launched a new TouchDesigner educational and coaching resource, the Elburz.io Learn TouchDesigner HQ. I’ve […]

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The Value of the TouchDesigner Community

What is the TouchDesigner Community? Whether you’re new or a veteran of the TouchDesigner community, you’ve probably heard about the community in one way or another. […]

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Outputting content in TouchDesigner

Why is outputting content from TouchDesigner hard? TouchDesigner is an interesting software. There aren’t many other tools like it. The amount of capabilities and flexibility make […]

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TouchDesigner Video Tutorials

Why TouchDesigner videos? After years of working on some of the largest TouchDesigner installations in the world, I wanted to make a new platform for high […]

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Mega-projects with Matthew Ragan

Mega-projects This week I got to talk to one of the best in the business for TouchDesigner work and interactive installations, the talented and humble Matthew […]

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Tricks for teaching technical topics

Do you need tricks for teaching technical topics? I’ve spent a lot of my life teaching different topics. In high school, I was a french tutor. […]

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