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WTF is Convex Decomposition?

What a term! Convex Decomposition! It’s meaty! It’s weighty! Why do we even need this word? Well, it’s a term you’re going to need to know […]

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Getting started with TDJSON in TouchDesigner

What is TDJSON?? Spoiler alert: Example file at the end! The first reaction when I start talking about TDJSON is “what is that??” Most people haven’t […]

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The Problem with TouchDesigner UIs

What’s the problem with TouchDesigner UIs? If you ever talk to an intermediate TouchDesigner developer, you’ll get a lot of the same complaints: “TouchDesigner UIs are […]

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2018 TouchDesigner Templates

What are these TouchDesigner templates about? As we approach the end of the year, I decided it would be a nice thing to release some TouchDesigner […]

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Own Your TouchDesigner Networks

Why do we need to own our networks? Have you ever been using TouchDesigner and have no idea why things are happening in your network? Has […]

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TouchDesigner CHOP Shuffling Demystified

TouchDesigner CHOP Tongue Twisters TouchDesigner is one of the most powerful softwares around in the field of interactive technology and immersive media. The amount of different […]

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