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Useful Web Render TOP Workflows in TouchDesigner

The Web Render TOP was a hugely demanded feature when it first came out. Before its release, getting web pages rendering inside of TouchDesigner was needlessly […]

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Behind the Curtain with Zoe Sandoval

Hi all, Elburz here for a quick intro. I had the pleasure of meeting Zoe years ago in Los Angeles and Zoe gave me a wonderful […]

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TouchDesigner Operators You Need To Know

The Important Ones There are tons of operators in TouchDesigner. It can be totally overwhelming for a beginner to learn all the operators and even know […]

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Knowledge from the Learn TouchDesigner HQ Community

Where’s this knowledge from? As many of you may know, I’ve recently launched a new TouchDesigner educational and coaching resource, the Elburz.io Learn TouchDesigner HQ. I’ve […]

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Making Projection Mapping Less Terrifying

Projection mapping is terrifying Admit it. The first few bunch of times you did projection mapping gigs, they were terrifying. I don’t know anyone who thinks […]

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