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LED Basics for TouchDesigner Pros

The first time you use any kind of hardware can be daunting. There are new terms, new techniques, new bottlenecks to your workflow, new people to […]

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How To Up Your TouchDesigner Render Quality

Are you trying to use high quality materials in TouchDesigner? Are you finding your TouchDesigner renders aren’t looking up to snuff? Have you tried jiggling all […]

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Thoughts on Turning 100

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh boy. Can you believe it? 100 posts, 100 newsletters (although probably more since I changed the name a bunch of times…). I’ve been writing and […]

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The Price of Paper

Most of you know by now that I started my career in music, and more specifically classical music. I was a trombone soloist, whatever that means, […]

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Behind the Curtain with Zoe Sandoval

Hi all, Elburz here for a quick intro. I had the pleasure of meeting Zoe years ago in Los Angeles and Zoe gave me a wonderful […]

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Making Projection Mapping Less Terrifying

Projection mapping is terrifying Admit it. The first few bunch of times you did projection mapping gigs, they were terrifying. I don’t know anyone who thinks […]

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Ask me anything – AMA

What’s going on here? We’re starting a pseudo-AMA series. The goal is to achieve two things: share the wisdom of people near the top of the […]

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The importance of buy-in

To be (code) or not to be (code)? When you’re working on installations and interactive designs there’s one hurdle that is ever present in almost every […]

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