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Texture Sharing with TouchDesigner

We’ve all been in installations where you need to send textures between apps or process. It may be because of limitations of a process, maybe because […]

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Blob Tracking Tricks in TouchDesigner

Something I hear often is the difficulty in doing TouchDesigner blob tracking. “It’s too slow!” or “the tracking isn’t working!” or “I don’t know how to […]

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WTF is Convex Decomposition?

What a term! Convex Decomposition! It’s meaty! It’s weighty! Why do we even need this word? Well, it’s a term you’re going to need to know […]

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GLSL Data Tricks

You might hear me harping on lately something along the lines of “You’re all too obsessed with GLSL!!” as I shake my fist at the sky. […]

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Useful Web Render TOP Workflows in TouchDesigner

The Web Render TOP was a hugely demanded feature when it first came out. Before its release, getting web pages rendering inside of TouchDesigner was needlessly […]

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The Maths You Should Learn for TouchDesigner

You’ve no doubt been knee-deep in a TouchDesigner project and found yourself thinking “Ugh, I wish I knew a bit more math, this would be a […]

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Get Off The Timeline #3: Practical Examples

So far if you’ve been following the series, we covered an approaching to thinking about your projects as systems instead of linear experiences and then we […]

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Get Off The Timeline #2: Signals Thinking

Coming off of my post last week about starting to think about projects as systems instead of linear timelines, it’s time to dive deeper and talk […]

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