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Licensing Your TouchDesigner Work

All of the TouchDesigner developers I know are always working on tools. These tools may be for personal experimentation or critical tooling for your company projects. […]

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How To Increase Your Rate

A tricky topic that most people don’t want to talk about: rates. It can be a personal and touchy topic for even high-end and veteran developers, […]

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You need a 1 minute video reel

This probably sounds obvious to many people, “Of course you should have a video reel!” But the reality is the video reels I’ve seen in my […]

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Easy ways to up your marketing game

I’ll be blunt. I see a lot of marketing materials that just plain suck. In the grand scheme of things, I usually work with people on […]

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TouchDesigner Projects and your IP

I’ve been asked by different members of my Learn TouchDesigner HQ a few different variations of the same underlying question: How do I protect the things […]

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Your narrative is why you don’t get more gigs

Sensational headline alert! But also, it’s true. Have you wondered why you never hear back from clients who ask for a quote? Have you wondered why […]

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How to beat jet lag on the job site

It’s happened to you. You know the pain. You travel a long distance for an installation or project you’re working on. You try to get to […]

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Thoughts on Turning 100

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh boy. Can you believe it? 100 posts, 100 newsletters (although probably more since I changed the name a bunch of times…). I’ve been writing and […]

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