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TouchDesigner Widgets Tips

By now you’ve almost certainly heard of Widgets. They’re the new UI kit and system that was added to TouchDesigner over the course of the last […]

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Get Off The Timeline #3: Practical Examples

So far if you’ve been following the series, we covered an approaching to thinking about your projects as systems instead of linear experiences and then we […]

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Get Off The Timeline #2: Signals Thinking

Coming off of my post last week about starting to think about projects as systems instead of linear timelines, it’s time to dive deeper and talk […]

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Get Off The Timeline #1: Systems Thinking

There’s nothing inherently wrong with the timeline. Let’s get that out of the way. The problem is trying to apply the workflows and programming paradigms of […]

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The Problem with TouchDesigner UIs

What’s the problem with TouchDesigner UIs? If you ever talk to an intermediate TouchDesigner developer, you’ll get a lot of the same complaints: “TouchDesigner UIs are […]

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