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Holiday Gift Ideas for TouchDesigner

It’s that time of year again. In fairness, it feels like there’s a holiday to buy stuff almost every other month. But it’s the time of […]

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Quick TouchDesigner Effects

It is pretty common to be on a last-minute gig and need to drum up a bunch of visual effects and looks to fill time during […]

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New TouchDesigner Website Tour

Over the last few weeks you’ve probably been greeted by a new and shiny website for Derivative’s TouchDesigner. It’s been a long time request from users […]

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The Maths You Should Learn for TouchDesigner

You’ve no doubt been knee-deep in a TouchDesigner project and found yourself thinking “Ugh, I wish I knew a bit more math, this would be a […]

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TouchDesigner Operators You Need To Know

The Important Ones There are tons of operators in TouchDesigner. It can be totally overwhelming for a beginner to learn all the operators and even know […]

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Knowledge from the Learn TouchDesigner HQ Community

Where’s this knowledge from? As many of you may know, I’ve recently launched a new TouchDesigner educational and coaching resource, the Learn TouchDesigner HQ. I’ve […]

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The Value of the TouchDesigner Community

What is the TouchDesigner Community? Whether you’re new or a veteran of the TouchDesigner community, you’ve probably heard about the community in one way or another. […]

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