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TouchDesigner Giveaway Winners!

Who are the winners?

Congrats to everyone who entered and shared the link. nVoid, zero11zero, and myself appreciate it and are looking forward to working with the winners. Without further delay, the winners are:

  1. Ruokun Chen
  2. Rui Martins
  3. Chris Lunney
  4. Summer Perry
  5. David Kirschberg
  6. Zach Harris
  7. Nick Diacre
  8. Jiayuan
  9. Dmitry
  10. lassignardie

All the winners will be contacted via email to schedule your 1-hour consulting and development session.

Congrats to everyone who entered and look forward to our next giveaways! To stay up to date with the latest giveaways and Immersive Design and Interactive Technology content, sign up for Immersive Mondays below: