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Logo of The Interactive & Immersive HQ, featuring a stylized hexagon with interconnected lines reminiscent of TouchDesigner projects. Inside, the words "THE HQ" are displayed, accompanied by bold text spelling "The Interactive & Immersive HQ.

Uniting and Elevating Interactive Tech and Immersive Media Professionals

The Interactive and Immersive HQ is born out of a love for the art, artists, and developers that make up the TouchDesigner community.


Our team has one mission: Help at least 1000 freelancers, agencies, artists and designers achieve their artistic visions – and get paid well for doing so – over the next 5 years.


To accomplish this, we’ve built the most comprehensive TouchDesigner training, information, and community resources available.

Take Your Interactive Tech and Immersive Media Career to the Next Level



If you’re new here, this should be your first stop. We’ve got over 100 in-depth articles on Interactive & Immersive tech and media. Want to get started with TouchDesigner? Learn advanced Python? Optimize your installation setup? It’s all here.


We recommend starting by looking through our Top 10 Articles of All Time.


If you want to dive into our most recent blog entries, click the button below.

Join The Interactive & Immersive HQ PRO

The HQ PRO is the only comprehensive TouchDesigner training and educational resource available. Monthly membership includes access to over 45 hours of TouchDesigner training videos, a closed Facebook group with TouchDesigner experts like Elburz Sorkhabi and Matthew Ragan, 20+ custom TouchDesigner tools, and a whole lot more.


If you’re serious about your career in the TouchDesigner world, we highly recommend you check out The HQ PRO here.

Individual TouchDesigner Courses

Want to level-up a specific aspect of your TouchDesigner game? Chances are, we’ve created a course that can help. From Render Picking to Machine Learning, we’ve got over 20 courses to choose from.

These courses are all included in The HQ PRO subscription, so if you see more than one course that interests you, we recommend you check out PRO first.


Our co-founder, Elburz Sorkhabi, wrote a book, and it’s free! Called An Introduction To TouchDesigner 099, it’s got everything you need to get up-and-running with TouchDesigner.

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